NHL Horoscopes Week 5: New Moon adds more Aquarius twist

Another week another celestial body enters a cursed Aquarius phase. This month’s new moon occurs on Thursday when the moon enters Aquarius, after last week Venus entered the sign.

It’s also the last full week of Aquarius season as the sun enters Pisces shortly and Venus will also exit Aquarius in the next two weeks.

How will that affect the NHL? Well, let’s figure it out.

Stat Leaders

Connor McDavid: 27 points (Capricorn)
Connor McDavid: 18 assists (Capricorn)
Auston Matthews: 11 goals (Virgo)
Tyler Myers: 31 PIM (Aquarius)
Philipp Grubauer: .934 Save % (Scorpio)


• Boston Bruins: Highest concentration in Taurus

Gemini David Pastrnak has been on a tear since returning, scoring four goals including a hat trick.

Horoscope: This new moon is going to have an impact on fixed signs like Taurus’ so watch for some sort of major movement.

Do: Pastrnak Don’t: Move the lines all over the place

• Buffalo Sabres: Highest concentration in Sagittarius

The Sabres haven’t played this week with more Covid issues.

Horoscope: The Moon has just left Sagittarius, but the Sabres have been inactive anyways. That moon cycle calls for active success, though.

Do: Prioritize safety Don’t: Rush

• Washington Capitals: Highest concentration in Taurus

Injuries haven’t helped the aging Capitals.

Horoscope: This week’s new moon should create some movement for Taurus’, and Mars still being in its home sign leaves time for things to turn out well.

Do: Health Don’t: Overextend

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• New York Rangers: Highest concentration in Aquarius

The Rangers have played well since they waived Tony DeAngelo.

Horoscope: This Aquarius Venus cycle has served the Rangers well with solid wins over the Penguins and Capitals.

Do: Keep the pace Don’t: Lose sight

• New York Islanders: Highest concentration in Aquarius

The Islanders have had a rough go of it but finally got a win to kick off the week.

Horoscope: This should be a season for the Islanders to shine but this Mercury retrograde has been tough on them. Their secondary sign in Libra has a tough week ahead.

Do: Pace Don’t: Spiral

• New Jersey Devils: Highest concentration in Scorpio

The Devils remain out with Covid concerns.

Horoscope: This new moon cycle is sure to have a focus on Scorpios.

Do: Safety Don’t: Take risks

• Philadelphia Flyers: Highest concentration in Taurus

Pisces Joel Farabee has continued to play really well.

Horoscope: The Moon enters Pisces late this week right after the new moon, it could be time to keep letting Farabee fly.

Do: Consistency Don’t: Be complacent about defense

• Pittsburgh Penguins: Highest concentration in Leo/Taurus

Goaltending and defense continues to burn the Penguins.

Horoscope: This week’s new moon is going to have a huge affect on the makeup of the Penguins. Try to use that Taurus energy to stay grounded.

Do: Goaltending Don’t: Keep giving up goals x2

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• Detroit Red Wings: Highest concentration in Aquarius

The Red Wings are still not really good, it would appear.

Horoscope: Detroit just snapped an eight-game losing streak right as Venus went into Aquarius, but hasn’t had a good season overall. Watch for some action during this week’s new moon.

Do: Safety Don’t: Lose eight games in a row

• Tampa Bay Lightning: Highest concentration in Gemini

Leo Andrei Vasilevskiy has been ridiculous in net.

Horoscope: It honestly doesn’t matter what is going on, the Lightning just seem to keep rolling no matter what.

Do: Keep rolling with Vasilevskiy Don’t: Tompa Bay

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• Florida Panthers:  Highest concentration in Virgo

The Panthers seem to be vibing with their early season schedule, still with just a single regulation loss.

Horoscope: Like all Virgos the Panthers are difficult to figure out but something is clearly working.

Do: Take the Ws Don’t: Suddenly remember you’re the Florida Panthers and go south

Carolina Hurricanes: Highest concentration in Cancer

Aries Andrei Svechnikov is playing some of the best hockey of his career.

Horoscope: The Moon enters Cancer’s eighth house on Thursday when its in Aquarius, which can cause a give and take for Cancers. Evaluate everything carefully.

Do: Breakouts Don’t: Get complacent

• Nashville Predators: Highest concentration in Gemini

The Predators offense is nowhere to be found.

Horoscope: This could be a relatively quiet week for Geminis but that’s not what the Predators are looking for.

Do: Offensive outburst Don’t: Weak power plays

• Dallas Stars: Highest concentration in Gemini and Cancer

Taurus goalie Anton Khudobin was benched this week for oversleeping and missing a meeting.

Horoscope: The Stars have lost four of their last five and have some self-created controversy. Take it down a notch and refocus.

Do: Safety Don’t: Goalie drama

• Chicago Blackhawks: Heaviest concentration in Aries

Taurus goalie Kevin Lankinen has been one of the bright spots.

Horoscope: This is generally a vibeless time for Aries, but there’s a heavy Sagittarius presence that could see changes following the Sagittarius moon.

Do: Ride the hot hand Don’t: Complacency

• Columbus Blue Jackets: Heaviest concentration in Cancer

Aries Patrik Laine has already been benched once by Cancer coach John Tortorella.

Horoscope: It’s literally always something with the Blue Jackets. Let fire sign Patrik Laine ride out the rest of this Aquarius air sign season.

Do: Laine Don’t: Keep benching good players

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• Minnesota Wild: Highest concentration in Virgo and Cancer

The Wild are one of the teams dealing with Covid protocol issues.

Horoscope: The situation in Minnesota is not great so all energy just goes towards being healthy and safe.

Do: Safety Don’t: Covid

• St. Louis Blues: Highest concentration in Cancer and Aries

Cancer Robert Thomas is out for at least four weeks, a tough blow to the lineup.

Horoscope: This week’s new moon could enforce positive change for Cancer-heavy lineups.

Do: Next man up Don’t: Fall into a hole

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• Arizona Coyotes: Highest concentration in Leo

The Coyotes have hung in there pretty well without Leo Oliver Ekman-Larsson in the lineup.

Horoscope: This new moon will have an affect on Leos in a big way, so it could be a week the Coyotes make a push.

Do: Pick up the scoring Don’t: Lose momentum

• San Jose Sharks: Highest concentration in Aries

Things keep going south for the fire-sign Sharks.

Horoscope: This sun cycle was always going to be tough for Aries, and the Aquarius alignment all around is just not going to make it easy.

Do: Stay safe at home Don’t: Drop bad losses to the Ducks

• Vegas Golden Knights: Highest concentration in Leo

Taurus Mark Stone is just playing ridiculous hockey.

Horoscope: Watch for an energy surge after Thursday’s new moon but also the end of Aquarius season for these Leos.

Do: Get the puck to Stone Don’t: Look too far ahead

• Anaheim Ducks: Heaviest concentration in Aquarius

The Ducks haven’t seen a huge surge during their primary sun season.

Horoscope: This Aquarius season hasn’t aided the Ducks all too much, but keep riding Cancer goalie John Gibson as far as possible.

Do: Goaltending and defense Don’t: Assume the offense doesn’t need to do work

• Los Angeles Kings: Highest concentration in Libra

Leo Anze Kopitar keeps on carrying the Kings.

Horoscope: This should be a relatively quiet week for Libras, which isn’t a bad thing, always.

Do: Fire signs Don’t: Ignore warning signs

• Colorado Avalanche: Highest concentration in Scorpio 

The Avs have a ton of injury and Covid issues still.

Horoscope: The lone majority Scorpio team hasn’t had a ton of luck anywhere, but Scorpios are more prone for revenge tours than most.

Do: Get through the tough part Don’t: Too much too soon

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• Vancouver Canucks: Heaviest concentration in Cancer and Libra

Just a horrible week all around for the Canucks. The defense is struggling.

Horoscope: There isn’t much going in the favor of Cancers or Libras this sun season. This week’s new moon pulls Cancers in different directions, too.

Do: Figure out the defense Don’t: Leave the goalies out to dry

• Calgary Flames: Heaviest concentration in Pisces

Leo Johnny Gaudreau is somehow playing better than ever.

Horoscope: The moon heads into Pisces on Friday, a time when things can get blurred easily and aggressions run more wild. Reel everything in.

Do: Keep the peace Don’t: Get too wistful

Edmonton Oilers: Heaviest concentration in Cancer and Libra

Capricorn Connor McDavid and Leo Leon Draisaitl continue to play ridiculously while the rest of the lineup tapers off, the norm.

Horoscope: Talk about a team that could go in any given direction, the Oilers Cancer energy is going to pick a path sooner or later.

Do: The best players Don’t: Head down the wrong road

• Winnipeg Jets: Heaviest concentration in Aries

Gemini Connor Hellebuyck hasn’t played his best yet, but the Jets have still exceeded some expectations.

Horoscope: Winnipeg has done a remarkable job before trading Laine, especially in a tough time for Aries. Their secondary Capricorn has had some success, and could moreso at the end of the month when Venus enters the earth sign.

Do: Highest ceiling Don’t: Let goaltending wane

• Ottawa Senators: Heaviest concentration in Pisces

The Senators aren’t playing well, but they’re still developing.

Horoscope: Even with poor results, the young players are gaining valuable experience. Pisces season could even yield some better results with patience.

Do: Development Don’t: Fall off too soon

• Montreal Canadiens: Heaviest concentration in Leo and Taurus

Taurus Josh Anderson is proving his doubters wrong.

Horoscope: No team might be affected as the Canadiens could be by this week’s new moon. Try to follow the Taurus energy enough to stay grounded and focused.

Do: Invest in current talent Don’t: Quick tailspin

• Toronto Maple Leafs: Heaviest concentration in Gemini

Leo Wayne Simmonds will miss the next six weeks with a broken wrist.

Horoscope: The Leafs have taken a lot of early season bites from the injury bug. Getting out of this chaos Aquarius cycle can only help.

Do: Auston Matthews Don’t: Play seven defensemen again

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