Kings dusted off ‘glow pucks’ and robots for ’90s Night

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As bittersweet as it is to admit, there are a lot of ’90s things that maybe should be left in the dustbin of nostalgia.

Some would argue that nu metal and Crystal Pepsi should be shuttled away into closets with Jnco jeans. That crowd would probably roll their eyes at the Los Angeles Kings (and Fox Sports West) having a lot of fun with ’90s Night during Saturday’s 4-0 win against the Edmonton Oilers.

Remarkably, there were some big Kings milestones in that win, as Anze Kopitar scored his 300th career goal, while Jonathan Quick nabbed his 300th career victory. Seeing the Foxtrax-inspired “Glow Puck” (and puck movement laser beams?) added to Kopitar’s milestone goal is a real treat, or really stomach-turning if you’re not much for fun:

That glow puck emoji is pretty nifty, if nothing else.

Fox Sports West broadcaster Alex Faust played a role in making the TV presentation push ’90s Night to a higher level, as the Kings website noted.

“During the summer, I like to drop by the Kings office, pretending to do actual ‘work.’ One day, I happened to notice ’90s Night’ as a date on the promotional calendar. Then it dawned on me … what could be more 90s & hockey related than the glowing puck, animated robots, and kitschy opening montages from the NHL on FOX?” Faust said. “I e-mailed Hoover, our producer at Fox Sports West, and he got the ball rolling from there. Needless to say I’ve been irrationally excited about this night for a while.”

Yes, indeed, there were animated robots.

In addition to that, “Silicon Valley” star Thomas Middleditch – or his “long lost brother?” – tried his hand at an old timey broadcaster gimmick in portraying “Tony Babcock,” which is somehow not a combination of Mike Babcock and Tony Clifton.

Honestly, that pales in comparison to Ray Romano’s faux “Sportscenter” work as Chet Harper (“sweet sassy molassy”), but kudos to everyone involved for at least being committed, to the point of making a Twitter page for Tony Babcock.

The Kings also used fanny packs and did a “Saved By the Bell” riff, although I’d have to give the edge to the Flyers’ rendition:

Oh well, it’s still a good time, so thanks to the Kings and Fox Sports West for reminding me that I’m old, as if it somehow being 2019 wasn’t effective enough.

All of this great stuff does demand one final gripe, however: why not go all the way and use those Gretzky-era uniforms, rather than going almost that far with their current look? Just saying.

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