Jaromir Jagr scores his first Flyers goal in style

For one breathtaking moment, a stunned Philadelphia crowd was allowed to forget about Chris Pronger’s health. Some were transported to the 2008 playoffs (when he scored his most recent  NHL goal) while many more traveled to his dominant run in the ’90s.

Either way, Jaromir Jagr scored about as gorgeous a first Flyers goal as you could ask for tonight. He cashed in on a breakaway goal that reminded nostalgic types of the days when he dominated the NHL in a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey (while donning that infamous mullet). Some might find cruel coincidence that it came as a result of a high-sticking penalty, but it was a beautiful moment on an ugly night nonetheless.

Sure, it took him eight games, but the 39-year-old winger deserves a salute for that highlight reel effort.

Update: Jagr finished the night with a second breakaway goal and added an assist, as the Flyers beat the Leafs 4-2.

Watch Martin St. Louis absolutely dangle Ryan Miller

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If you had to bet your life on any player to pick a goalie apart one-on-one, who would it be?

My guess is a lot of people would pick a flashy, super-skilled Russian such as Pavel Datsyuk or Alex Ovechkin. Others might volunteer “healthy” Sidney Crosby. Outside the box types might go with shootout stars such as Jussi Jokinen or Erik Christensen.

Here’s my vote for Martin St. Louis, though. The bite-sized superstar winger tends to get overshadowed by prototypical centers such as Steven Stamkos and Vincent Lecavalier, yet the wondrous winger continues to lobotomize goalies on breakaways. This example was more broken play than breakaway, but it highlights just how hopeless a goalie is in a one-on-one situation with St. Louis.

Even an all-world goalie like Ryan Miller has no chance to stop him.

Video: Corey Perry adds his own buzzer beater

Hockey fans were treated to videos of two buzzer beaters on Friday morning, as Dany Heatley and Ryan McDonagh scored huge and timely goals.

Corey Perry’s buzzer beater against the Dallas Stars was a little more bitter sweet for three reasons.

1. It came at the end of the second period.

2. The Anaheim Ducks still lost.

3. Perry essentially redeemed himself for an earlier mistake when he nullified a goal by taking a dopey goalie interference penalty.

Still, it’s fun to see a puck hit the net in the dying seconds (unless that goal is scored against your team). With that in mind, enjoy this clip of Perry’s clock-defiant tally.

Loui Eriksson seems just fine without Brad Richards

Loui Eriksson slipped under the radar for quite some time, but the Dallas Stars winger finally earned an All-Star nod last season. That being said, some might have attributed that breakthrough to the impact made by Brad Richards.

With that in mind, Eriksson’s ability to produce without the star center was a serious question coming into this season. It’s too early to say that he’ll be just as productive, but the initial results are promising.

Eriksson was involved in all three of the Stars’ goals against the Anaheim Ducks last night, with two goals and one assist. That bumps him up to seven points in seven games, which indicates that he has a great chance to match or exceed his career-high of 73 points from last season. (He won’t continue to score a goal for every three shots, but the crafty forward has a knack for finding soft spots in a defense.)

Naturally, Eriksson might succeed in a familiar way: by retreating into the shadow of a new dynamic center in Jamie Benn. The young up and comer also has seven points this season. Benn is known more for his locomotive attacking style and goal-scoring abilities, but if this clip is any indication, he might be able to close some of the playmaking gap left behind by Richards too.

George Parros and his ‘stache might be missing for a few games

Anaheim Ducks enforcer George Parros caught Dallas Stars tough guy Krys Barch with what looked like a pretty clear hit to the head in their game Friday night. There was no penalty called on the check, which left Barch dazed on the Stars’ bench. Parros doesn’t have a history of suspensions on his resume, so he might get a lighter sentence, but many believe he’ll see some kind of discipline from Brendan Shanahan.

How many games – if any – do you think the moustachioed ivy league pugilist should receive for his hit? Let us know in the comments.