Bruins’ bathroom vandal comes clean; Boston’s ad staff responds with clever commercial

There are bad ways, good ways and downright clever ways to deal with boneheaded moments when it comes to an NHL team’s fans.

While I’m not certain what the “punishment” will be, the Boston Bruins took a small basket of hole-in-the-pillar lemons and made ingenious advertising lemonade. Or gold, even.

As you may already know, a somewhat shocking video surfaced in which a young woman kicked a hole through a pillar in one of the TD Garden’s bathrooms sometime during the Bruins’ Nov. 6 game against the St. Louis Blues. Well, apparently, that clearly decipherable young lady admitted her foolish wrongdoing to the building’s management today.

Building general manager Hugh Lombardi said Saturday night that the woman has been located. Garden officials declined to identify her, and Lombardi said they “consider the matter closed.”

Well, maybe it’s not totally closed, as the Bruins’ brilliant advertising people capitalized on the oddball publicity by adding to its quirky and often hilarious “Bruins Hockey Rules” campaign. As you can see from the video below, the team isn’t afraid to find humor in the young woman’s foolish decision. (Click here to watch more of those frequently funny commercials.)

(I must say, though, I hope that the person portraying the bear is a woman. Otherwise it might take a turn for the creepy. Just saying, folks, just saying.)

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Boston Bruins search for pillar-kicking vandal

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Boston Bruins and Boston Garden officials are reportedly on the lookout for a female fan who damaged a pillar in the bathroom of the TD Garden, as you can see in this rather stunning video.

Boston Bruins spokesman Matt Chmura said building officials found the damage in their postgame sweep after Saturday night’s game against the St. Louis Blues. They are trying to identify and locate the woman, whose face is clearly shown in the video.

In the video, a woman in a Milan Lucic Bruins T-shirt kicks a hole in a support pillar in the bathroom.

Then she falls down.

Remember kids: alcohol, when consumed in quantities beyond your threshold, can be a very bad thing.