Wayne Gretzky plays role of agent for baseball playing son, Trevor


Picture, if you will, that you’re the general manager of the Chicago Cubs, Jim Hendry. You’ve drafted Wayne Gretzky’s son, Trevor and it’s time to work out a contract with the youngster to get him into minor league camp and start on the road to a potential career in Major League Baseball. You pick up the phone to dial up Gretzky’s agent and end up on the phone with one of the greatest players in NHL history to talk turkey about a deal.

Wayne Gretzky the player agent? That’s not intimidating at all. Gulp.

That’s just what the case was for Hendry as he signed Trevor Gretzky to a contract with the Cubs as CSNChicago.com’s Patrick Mooney reports. The son of  “The Great One” is slated to potentially be a big time player in baseball and given his athletic bloodlines, there’s every reason to think he’s capable of achieving big things.

At 6’4″ and 190 pounds, Trevor is bigger than his father but just as wiry. Considering that Gretzky is hoping to become a big time hitter in the major leagues, putting on a few more pounds wouldn’t hurt him. That said, having his old man negotiating his deal and helping him in signing on with the Cubs, a deal that includes a $375,000 signing bonus, clearly the Gretzky name is worth a lot of money in more than one sport these days.

Trevor Gretzky signs with the Chicago Cubs


The Great One has a son who may be trying to be The Next One—but it won’t be in hockey. Trevor Gretzky took the next step in his baseball career as he signed a professional contract with the Chicago Cubs. In June he was drafted in the 7th round (219th overall) by the Cubs, but was still verbally committed to attend San Diego State in the fall. Per NCAA guidelines, Gretzky had until August 15th to decide if he wanted to sign a professional contract with the team that drafted him or if he wanted to go the college route.

By signing with the Cubs, he loses his amateur status and will enter the Cubs minor league system this summer. Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn shared something Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky said to him about sports and added that he should have seen this decision coming:

“Wayne mentioned how he started his pro career as a 17-year-old, how if you work hard enough you can make it. The father is a nice guy. He totally gets it, understands the pro game. And the son is very mature.”

In high school at Oaks Christian in Thousand Oaks, CA, the younger Gretzky was a multi-sport athlete playing both baseball and quarterback with the football team. Much was made of the superstar bloodlines on the football team—but Nate Montana (yes, that Montana) and Trey Smith (son of Will Smith) also played on the football team at Oaks Christian. Eventually, Trevor himself had to choose between two sports—but hockey was never in the mix:

“I remember growing up in New York when my Dad was with the Rangers. I remember him taking me to a Yankees game and ever since then I’ve wanted to play. It’s been my dream to be in the Major Leagues ever since then. I just started football five years ago and kind of picked it up, but baseball has been my love ever since I’ve been little. I think that’s why I gravitate towards it.”

Now he’ll get to ride the buses and deal with the tough life that is a minor league baseball player. On the plus side, he won’t have nearly as much pressure on the diamond as he would have if he chose to pursue hockey in his youth. Growing up in a legend’s shadow can be tough enough—but when your father’s name is The Great One, the bar is set impossibly high.

Instead of trying to compete with his father’s lore, he’ll try to hit a curveball. We wish him the best of luck—the hockey world will still be watching.

Chicago Cubs draft Wayne Gretzky’s son Trevor in MLB Draft’s seventh round

It’s unclear if he will actually sign with the Chicago Cubs rather than play for former MLB great Tony Gwynn at San Diego State, but either way, Trevor Gretzky can boast that he was more than just a famous hockey player’s son. He also happened to be a good enough baseball player to get drafted by the Cubs in the seventh round on Tuesday.

Gretzky generated some buzz – even if it revolved mostly around nepotism – by playing football at the same Oaks Christian High School as Joe Montana’s son Nick and Will Smith’s son Trey as well. Trevor is a first baseman who seems to generate most of his attention by thanks to his success as a hitter.

For many, it might be surprising that Trevor focused his athletic energies on baseball and football rather than hockey. Then again, it probably makes for a lower-stress lifestyle to earn mild attention because of his last name in different sports rather than trying to live up to the legacy of the most famous hockey player in history.

Avoiding that attention wasn’t really why Trevor focused on baseball, though. Apparently he simply fell in love with the sport first, as he told MLB.com.

“Being here in Southern California, I always said, ‘Play what you want to play, participate in whatever you want to participate in,'” said Gretzky. “But the reality is that in Southern California, as great a sport as hockey is, this is still a baseball community, football community, golf, tennis, lacrosse.

“I was lucky that all the kids took to sports and they played hockey for fun at a young age, but they really put a lot of time into sports that they had a passion for. So it’s great that Trevor’s on a really good high school baseball team. It’s great to watch the kid play. It’s a very well-coached team for a high school team, it’s really enjoyable seeing how he has progressed since being a freshman in high school.”

The younger Gretzky, who hit .341 with two home runs and 33 RBIs as a junior last year, fell in love with baseball at an early age.

“I was introduced to it in New York, when my dad was playing for the Rangers,” Trevor recalled. “I remember him taking me to a Yankee game, and ever since then I wanted to play and it’s been my dream to be in the Major Leagues since then.”

Becoming a seventh round pick doesn’t necessarily guarantee that Trevor will live that dream – especially since he might opt for NCAA baseball instead – but it shows that the dream is still alive. Maybe he won’t be a “Great One” in MLB history, yet that being said, even his famous father had his fair share of doubters as he approached the professional level.

Wayne Gretzky’s son commits to… Baseball?!

While we’ve seen our host of hockey legacies through time with Gordie Howe and his sons as well with virtually the entire Sutter clan, following in the footsteps of your father who’s regarded as the greatest player of all time has to be especially daunting. That’s why when Wayne Gretzky’s son Trevor made his choice for a sport to play, it’s probably best he didn’t lace up the skates. Of course, that just makes it a little bit stranger to discuss a Gretzky moving on to play baseball the way Trevor is.

Trevor Gretzky, son of hockey great Wayne Gretzky, has committed to play baseball at San Diego State.

He is a first baseman who hit .341 with two home runs and 33 RBIs last spring at Westlake Village Oaks Christian High.

Those are some pretty sweet numbers for the son of the Great One. What makes his choice of going to San Diego State all the more interesting is that his coach there will be none other than baseball hall of famer Tony Gwynn. I don’t think we’ve got to worry about Trevor Gretzky being star struck at having a hall of fame coach. When your dad is Wayne Gretzky you probably don’t get too nervous meeting anyone that’s a celebrity.

At the very least, Trevor will get a chance to make a name for himself in a sport that his dad wasn’t the greatest of all time in. He’ll also avoid the ignominy of being thrown into the discussion with his uncle Brent Gretzky as being unable to keep up with Wayne.