Tim Tebow

Zach Parise doesn’t get what all the Tim Tebow nonsense is about


We’re not ProFootballTalk here so you’ve been able to steer clear of anything Tim Tebow-related, but New Jersey Devils captain Zach Parise isn’t feeling Tebowmania.

With Tebow now part of the New York Jets, who conveniently play their games in New Jersey, that means Parise’s turf as the most lovable guy in the Garden State is threatened. Parise tells Tom Gulitti of Fire & Ice that he just doesn’t get what all the hubbub is about with the Jets’ new quarterback.

“I don’t care for it,” Parise said. “Why is a backup quarterback having a press conference?”

More than 200 media members attended Tebow’s introductory news conference Monday at the Jets’ practice facility in Florham Park.

“That doesn’t make sense to me,” Parise said.

Meanwhile in Newark, the Devils are this close to clinching a playoff berth and are set up to be a dangerous team in the Eastern Conference playoffs all the while Parise is leading the way. Tough times, indeed.

Maybe there’ll be a big press conference for Parise come summertime in New Jersey if he wins the Stanley Cup or signs a long-term deal with the team. Then again, if Parise or any Devils get banged up in the postseason, don’t expect to see Tebow come rolling into town for the laying of hands to help out.

Bobby Ryan throws himself into the Tim Tebow-Dianna Agron love mix


Upon learning that Tim Tebow had been traded from Denver to New York, Anaheim Ducks forward Bobby Ryan tweeted a note of congrats…AND WARNING!


Just to explain what Ryan’s on about:

— Agron, 25, is one of the stars of Glee. She had been dating 28-year-old Sebastian Stan, an actor you may or may not have seen on Gossip Girl.

According to Fox News, Tebow is “smitten” with Agron, who may or may not have broken up with Stan.

“Tim has made no secret that he likes Dianna, and told her so, but she has remained faithful to Sebastian,” a source said.

But Agron and Stan, who live on separate coasts, apparently split recently for the second time. A source said they were going to live together but now have parted ways, citing the distance between them and their work commitments.

When asked about a split between Agron and Stan, a rep for Agron insisted, “Not true.”

— Does Ryan have a shot? Wait, doesn’t Ryan have a girlfriend? Because according to this, he attended the Twilight: Breaking Dawn premiere with her. Bet if he wasn’t single, he is now.

— Finally…no, this is not a cheap PHT ploy to cash in on the Tebow-mania sweeping search engines today.

— Our next post, “Sean Payton is not suspended from coaching in the NHL,” is.

Karl Alzner isn’t a big fan of getting Tebowed


Apparently Karl Alzner isn’t too big a fan of Tim Tebow.

The Caps defenseman got to pay witness to Kings defenseman Jack Johnson celebrating a goal in style last night by Tebowing and he didn’t care too much for it at all. Stephen Whyno of The Washington Times hears it from Alzner after getting shown up.

“I understand he’s just trying to be funny, but still it’s kind of a stupid celebration,” Alzner said. “It’s like those teams in the world junior riding their stick giving high-fives across the bench.”

Giving up a goal is no fun for a team, but scoring a goal, especially as a defenseman, is so rare that blowing off steam with a celebration isn’t a big deal. Other leagues have made it a crime to enjoy success and as long as you’re not directly taunting a player, what’s the harm?

If a team doesn’t like seeing a guy celebrate, stop him from scoring. It’s that simple. Until then, Tebow away to your heart’s content. Players aren’t disrespecting opponents or the game by celebrating, they’re enjoying the moment. Now if they break out into a choreographed dance then we’ll really have something to yell about.

Jack Johnson pays tribute to Tim Tebow


Honestly, “Tebowing” was kind of annoying a month or two ago, but it seems more acceptable after Tim Tebow actually had a great game on Sunday. (Rather than a fantastic quarter/drive or what have you.) The Los Angeles Kings are putting together an unusually prolific offensive night – for them, mind you – and Jack Johnson celebrated ending his own goal slump by “Tebowing” tonight.

The Colorado Avalanche got Tebowed



This sign showed up at the Pepsi Center last night during Colorado’s 4-3 shootout victory over San Jose. A few things to consider:

— The sign appeared even though the Avs have played well at home lately. They’ve won five of their last six at the Pepsi Center — this after starting the season 3-7-0. Just goes to show: Tebow-mania knows no bounds.

— NESN.com recently polled its Twitter followers, asking where Tebow would best fit as a hockey player. Two of the more popular responses were “good defenseman, use his big frame to bowl people over,” and “bruising forward.”

Nobody, however, gave the correct answer of “goalie, with better rebound control than Varlamov.”

— The Denver University hockey team recently used Tebow as a source of inspiration.

“There is a young man who is the quarterback of our local football team, is a symbol of hard work, of not giving up, of believing,” said DU coach George Gwozdecky. “For us, that’s what we’ve been doing. Almost every single guy on our team and on our staff follows NFL football and how it’s been done. It’s been inspiring.”

You know, he could be talking about Brady Quinn, who showed great courage by…surviving those inclement Cleveland winters.