Zach Bogosian somehow avoids a suspension for the third time this season


That was a quick call for the league. After showing you Zach Bogosian’s leaping charge on Carolina’s Andreas Nodl and wondering if it would lead to a suspension, TSN’s Bob McKenzie reports there won’t be any supplementary discipline for Bogosian for the hit.

Amazingly, this wasn’t Bogosian’s first dance with the league when it comes to questionable hits. There were two other plays this season in which Bogosian was scrutinized for iffy play with an elbow to Cody Eakin as well as a hit from behind on Minnesota’s Pierre-Marc Bouchard.

The odd part of all this is that in the eyes of the league Bogosian will continue to have a clean record. You would have to suspect that Bogosian avoided a suspension this time around because he was given a five-minute major and a game misconduct for charging Nodl (Nodl left the game and did not return after the hit), but considering how the league was making it a point to take player safety seriously, this is another head-scratching decision from Brendan Shanahan.

Have another look at the hit courtesy of The Score and judge for yourself. Would you have suspended Bogosian for this play?

Zach Bogosian might be hearing from the league for his hit on Andreas Nodl

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Winnipeg’s Zach Bogosian isn’t always the first guy you think of when it comes to being a big hitter in the league. Heck, you might not even think about Bogosian much randomly anyhow, but you can rest assured that Carolina’s Andreas Nodl knows who he is now.

Bogosian connected on a monster, and illegal, hit to Nodl in the second period of Winnipeg’s 4-3 loss to the Hurricanes. Check out the insane height Bogosian gets on this hit after he leaves his feet to connect with Nodl courtesy of The Score.

Bogosian was given a five-minute major for charging and a game misconduct. Meanwhile, Nodl left the game and did not return. The debate here will be whether or not Bogosian being kicked out of the game will be seen as punishment enough for the hit or if Brendan Shanahan will ask him to sit a few games out.

The hit is certainly illegal and not the sort of thing the league wants to see in any game, but with how curious Shanahan’s rulings have been of late, betting on one outcome or the other might be a bad idea.

Marcus Johansson thinks it’s weird that Mark Stuart wasn’t suspended


You can understand why Caps forward Marcus Johansson might be a bit confused about how the league works. After seeing Winnipeg’s Mark Stuart get slapped with a $2,500 fine for his late, head-high hit on him, Johansson was left wondering just what’s going on.

Tarik El-Bashir of the Washington Post hears from Johansson about his disappointment with the league’s lack of suspension for what on all appearances looked to be the kind of hit they want to eliminate from the game.

“It’s not really my thing to have any impact on it,” Johansson said after the morning skate at United Center. “But seeing [Mike Green] and [Alex Ovechkin] get three games for something that’s pretty similar, I think it’s weird.”

Weird is a good way to describe it when you don’t want to get the league’s attention for criticizing their decision. After seeing the kinds of hits his teammates have gotten nailed for, Johansson makes a good point.

The suspensions given to Green and Ovechkin involved plays that were eerily similar to what Stuart did. You could argue that it’s Stuart’s first offense and he shouldn’t get the same treatment, but Green was given three games on his first offense. And you wonder why Brendan Shanahan’s job is the hardest one in the league.

Mark Stuart earns $2,500 fine for late hit on Marcus Johansson


It wouldn’t be a day in the NHL without some kind of debate over a questionable hit.

Last night during the first period of the Jets’ 3-2 win over the Capitals, Winnipeg’s Mark Stuart laid a high, questionable hit on Washington’s Marcus Johansson putting Johansson down on the ice. Stuart wasn’t penalized on the play, but the NHL stepped in and fined him $2,500 for it. Johansson did return to the game later on.

Should it have gotten a bit more attention though? Take a look at the video of the hit and judge for yourself.

I’m no Brendan Shanahan, but that sort of hit seems like the kind of hit that deserves a bit more scrutiny than a fine delivers.

Tyler Myers has a meeting with NHL over his hit on Scott Gomez


Tyler Myers may have some time to himself coming soon.

Myers has a meeting with the NHL this afternoon to discuss his hit from behind on Montreal’s Scott Gomez during last night’s Sabres overtime victory. The hit came midway through the third period and saw Myers get sent off with a minor penalty for boarding.

Suspension worthy or not? Check out the video and see for yourself.

Myers appears to catch Gomez completely unaware that he’s there and with Myers’ height coming into play, he hits Gomez up high from behind. It looks like Myers has plenty of time to pull off and not crush Gomez, but we’ll see how Brendan Shanahan feels about that.