2011 NHL SuperSkills results: Daniel Sedin goes 8 for 9, helps Team Staal win accuracy shooting handily

When I think of the advancements made by hockey video games, one of my favorite moments came when the Playstation 2 era ushered in an accurate rendition of the accuracy shooting event. It was great to vicariously play what has always been my favorite all-star game event. (After all, how can you beat the sight of those shattering bullseyes/targets constructed from product placement?)

Last season, Henrik Sedin showed that he could succeed without Daniel, as he played well while his twin was injured and earned the Hart Trophy. Daniel showed he has some talent of his own, earning three points for Team Staal by going 8 for 9 in the accuracy shooting, much like Evgeni Malkin did in the 2009 NHL All-Star Game.

The goal for this version of the competition was to hit four targets the quickest. The amount of time each winner took to hit four targets is listed in parentheses. Full results below.

Ryan Kesler (9.6 seconds) beats Brad Richards. One point for Team Staal.

Rookies: Logan Couture (12.4 seconds) beats Derek Stepan. One point for Team Staal.

Patrick Sharp originally beat Jonathan Toews, but gave him a do-over. Toews then hit all four in 8.8 seconds. Toews earns the win. Brains explode. One weird point for Team Lidstrom.

Rick Nash (17.9 seconds) beats Phil Kessel. One point for Team Staal.

Patrick Kane (8.7 seconds) beats Eric Staal. One point for Team Lidstrom.

Daniel “The Shooting” Sedin (7.3 seconds) goes four for four to beat Martin Havlat. One point for Team Staal.


Daniel Sedin (8.9 seconds) goes four for five and beats Patrick Kane. Two points for Team Staal.

Team Staal beats Team Lidstrom 6-2 in this event and holds an 18-6 lead so far.

Jeff Skinner and Paul Stastny added to All-Star Game roster, P.K. Subban and Jamie McBain join SuperSkills contest

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With injuries driving away talents such as Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Jarome Iginla and so on, it’s good to know that there are plenty of talented hockey players to take their places. Even if they might not have the same star wattage as the Crosbys of the world.

The NHL announced that talented Carolina Hurricanes rookie Jeff Skinner and underrated Colorado Avalanche forward Paul Stastny were added to the All-Star Game roster pool while two rookies were added to the SuperSkills competition: P.K. Subban of the Montreal Canadiens and Jamie McBain of the Canes.

Some might look at the addition of Skinner as a mere crowd-pleaser, but with 40 points already this season, the slick scorer shouldn’t be too out of place. Stastny has 42 points of his own as one of the key cogs in the high octane Colorado Avalanche offense.

Subban is a talent whose bombast has made almost as big of an impact as his actual skills so far this season. He should be a natural addition to a wacky and fun event like the skills competition, while McBain’s addition provides Canes fans another player to cheer for.