Crosby watch continues: Nothing new ahead… Yet


Crosby-Watch 2011 rolls on and today’s update is… That there’s not really much of an update. Instead, Crosby did his usual turn in practice and met with the press afterwards.

With the Penguins not playing again until Friday at home against Dallas and that date being preemptively circled as a potential comeback game for Sid, our curiosity is piqued and Crosby knows it. After practice, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Rob Rossi caught up with Sid to get the update from the man himself.

If you’re hoping for Friday you might want to cool your jets.

Crosby addressed media speculation that he would play Friday against Dallas at Consol Energy Center.

″I guess they know more than I do,″ he said, cracking a smile.

″I haven’t really thought about that. I’ve thought more about just getting through this week. (Playing Friday) is a possibility, just like the other however many games left there are (is a possibility).″

Always secretive, always leaving us guessing, always coy. Oh you, Sid.

We’re sure the Crosby and Dan Bylsma are tired of hearing the question, but that’s part of the deal. Everyone knows he’s close to getting back and since it’s been over 11 months since he’s last played a NHL game, everyone is in Christmas Eve mode anxious to see Crosby back in action.

He’ll be back soon as he’s working too hard in practice not to and as Rossi notes in his story, Crosby’s only missed one scheduled practice since he was cleared for contact in practice. Maybe it’ll be Friday, maybe it’ll be next week, maybe the week after, but it’s going to be soon nonetheless.

Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville sidelined by small ulcer caused by aspirin

Chicago updated the condition of coach Joel Quenneville today. Quenneville was hospitalized late Tuesday night after feeling severe discomfort and today Blackhawks team physician Dr. Michael Terry says that Quenneville was hospitalized due to a bleeding ulcer that was caused by aspirin. Quenneville is resting comfortably at the hospital and should be able to be released in the next couple of days.

The pain from an ulcer is pretty foul to deal with and one that’s bad enough to put you in the hospital for a few days has to feel horrendous. While aspirin is the cause of it, we can only hope that the Blackhawks can pick up their play and win a few more games to help make the coach feel a little bit better in the meantime.

Assistant coach Mike Haviland will continue to lead the team while Quenneville is out of action. Last night the team was able to rally around his absence and beat Minnesota 3-1 at home.