Vancouver needs to turn the special teams tide against San Jose

The Canucks have been struggling with the Sharks' power play all series long, but Game 3 brings up concerns about a gap in the two squads' special teams units. [more]

Has Joe Thornton really ever been a ‘choker’ since he came to San Jose?


One of the biggest stories of the playoffs has been Joe Thornton's supposed transformation into a true playoff performer. Yet if you look at his numbers with San Jose, the change hasn't been as drastic as many believe. [more]

Why the Sharks should practice patience with Antti Niemi

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Antti Niemi came into the Red Wings-Sharks series as one of San Jose's biggest question marks. If last year's Cup run with Chicago is any indication, the Sharks would be wise to stick with Niemi through his ups and downs. [more]

Examining Ryan Miller’s track record in playoff elimination games


Hockey fans have seen Ryan Miller come through on the biggest stages in the Olympics, but how strong (or weak) has he been in playoff elimination games? This post examines how he's done so far in his career. [more]

A weak power play joins injuries and goaltending on Flyers’ list of concerns

People point to injuries and shaky goaltending as big issues for the Flyers, but one problem that slips under the radar is their unproductive power play. [more]