Clippers will root against overtime marathon in Coyotes-Kings Game 4


This weekend presents an unprecedented smorgasbord of sports action for Los Angeles, with the NBA’s Lakers and Clippers plus the NHL’s Kings in the playoffs (not to mention the Dodgers and other sports in their normal routines). That will make for a blissful buffet of athletics for sports nuts, but it might also cause some logistical headaches – and not just for traffic cops. Helene Elliott reports that things could get especially weird if Game 4 of the Kings and Phoenix Coyotes series goes deep into overtime on Sunday.

If Kings go past one OT Sunday, Clips likely to be delayed. Staples GM Lee Zeidman says NBA and TNT are discussing scenarios.

It’ll be interesting to see if a taxing weekend of sporting events takes its toll on the ice at the Staples Center. Depending upon how tonight’s Game 3 goes for the Kings and Coyotes, it’s quite possible that Phoenix might need to fight off elimination just hours before the Clippers take on the mighty San Antonio Spurs. That must-win possibility could mean that the Coyotes would fit bitterly to avoid such a fate.

Which might just force Charles Barkley to stay up well beyond his bed time.

No idea how we missed this (again), but Justin Bieber was at the Kings game last night


In our never-ending quest for cheap web traffic to provide the latest in ‘Justin Bieber went to a hockey game’ coverage, The Bieb was at Staples last night to watch the Kings lose to the Devils 3-0.

LA Kings Insider Rich Hammond notes that Bieber was wearing several “Love for Lokomotiv’’ bracelets — the wives and girlfriends of the Los Angeles Kings players are selling them throughout the month of October — while LAist notes he was wearing a Kings cap rather than a Leafs one (Bieber is from Stratford, Ontario and apparently a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Hey, if we’re gonna stalk the kid, we might as well find out what he likes.)

Now, there’s another report out there (from acclaimed gossip site Hollywood Life) confirming that Bieber was at the game, but shows a picture of him wearing a Blackhawks hat. I have no idea what to make of this. Is it real? Photoshopped? Did The Bieb pull off a mid-game wardrobe change? I could see all three of those things being true. So confused right now.