Here come your fun Stanley Cup finals odds


With the Stanley Cup finals set to start on Wednesday night, it’s high time we got odds for prop bets so we can further entertain ourselves. released their odds for the series as well as other goings on for the Boston-Chicago showdown. Here’s some of the fun ones… For entertainment purposes only, of course.

As for how the series goes, they’re leaning heavily on the Blackhawks to win it all.

Series Correct Score
Boston Bruins 4-0:  14/1
Boston Bruins 4-1:  8/1
Boston Bruins 4-2:  19/4
Boston Bruins 4-3:  5/1
Chicago Blackhawks 4-0:  9/1
Chicago Blackhawks 4-1:  4/1
Chicago Blackhawks 4-2:  9/2
Chicago Blackhawks 4-3:  5/1

Total Games in the Series
4:  19/4
5:  23/10
6:   9/5
7:  17/10

Total Games in the Series
Over 5½:      5/9
Under 5½:   3/2

As for the Conn Smythe Trophy, it’s all about the goalies.

Corey Crawford (CHI) 7/4
Tuukka Rask (BOS) 9/4
David Krejci (BOS) 5/1
Marian Hossa (CHI) 7/1
Patrick Kane (CHI) 7/1
Bryan Bickell (CHI) 19/2
Zdeno Chara (BOS) 12/1
Patrice Bergeron (BOS) 15/1
Patrick Sharp (CHI) 15/1
Nathan Horton (BOS) 20/1
Brad Marchand (BOS) 20/1
Duncan Keith (CHI) 25/1
Jaromir Jagr (BOS) 50/1
Jonathan Toews (CHI) 50/1

Krejci is the playoffs points leader so that’s not surprising to see him right there with both goalies.

As for more wacky stuff, odds on whether there will be a suspension in the finals are 3/1 there will be and 1/5 there won’t be one. Look out, Duncan Keith!

You can also get 2/5 odds on there being a fighting major in the finals (39/20 there won’t be), and 2/7 odds against there being a double-overtime game (11/4 there will be). Now when you’re making bets with your pals at the pub you know what kind of numbers you can hit them with.

Latest Stanley Cup odds see Minnesota and Carolina’s chances improve


At the conclusion of the Stanley Cup finals, online gambling site Bovada put out their initial odds to win the 2013 Stanley Cup. That list saw the Penguins as the early leader to lift the Cup and after their latest update that’s still the case, but we’ve seen some changes thanks to trades and free agency.

Minnesota made their big splash signing both Zach Parise and Ryan Suter and thanks to that they went from being 75/1 shots to win it all to 18/1. Carolina went from 50/1 odds to 22/1 thanks to landing Jordan Staal and Alexander Semin while the New York Rangers saw a mild improvement thanks to acquiring Rick Nash going from 12/1 to 9/1.

Oddly enough, the biggest improvement in odds outside of Minnesota belonged to Edmonton. The Oilers went from 60/1 shots to win the Cup to 30/1. Who knew Nail Yakupov was that much of a difference maker?

It’s not all sunshine and roses, however, as Nashville went from 18/1 shots to 25/1 after losing Suter. Just think of how bad it would’ve been had they not matched Shea Weber’s offer sheet from Philly.

The Columbus Blue Jackets were already a bad bet the first time around at 75/1 but after dealing Nash to New York, their odds got longer at 100/1, the worst in the league.

Here’s the rest of the updated odds for your entertainment only purposes perusal with what they were on June 12 in parenthesis.

Pittsburgh Penguins 8/1 (7/1)
New York Rangers 9/1 (12/1)
Vancouver Canucks 11/1 (12/1)
Los Angeles Kings 12/1 (11/1)
Philadelphia Flyers 13/1 (14/1)
Chicago Blackhawks 14/1 (12/1)
Detroit Red Wings 15/1 (12/1)
Boston Bruins 16/1 (14/1)
St. Louis Blues 16/1 (12/1)
Minnesota Wild 18/1 (75/1)
San Jose Sharks 20/1 (22/1)
Buffalo Sabres 22/1 (25/1)
Carolina Hurricanes 22/1 (50/1)
Nashville Predators 25/1 (18/1)
Tampa Bay Lightning 25/1 SAME
Washington Capitals 25/1 SAME
New Jersey Devils 28/1 (30/1)
Edmonton Oilers 30/1 (60/1)
Toronto Maple Leafs 35/1 SAME
Florida Panthers 40/1 (35/1)
Anaheim Ducks 40/1 (25/1)
Colorado Avalanche 40/1 SAME
Montreal Canadiens 40/1 (60/1)
Ottawa Senators 40/1 SAME
Phoenix Coyotes 40/1 SAME
Calgary Flames 50/1 SAME
Dallas Stars 50/1 (40/1)
Winnipeg Jets 50/1 (40/1)
New York Islanders 75/1 SAME
Columbus Blue Jackets 100/1 (75/1)