Shanabanned: Andre Deveaux gets three games

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The watchful eye of Brendan Shanahan has come away finding Rangers forward Andre Deveaux guilty of a brutal elbowing violation that will see him suspended for three games.

Deveaux sitting out the next three games means that the Rangers will be going without his overly physical presence on the fourth line and likely seeing one of either Carl Hagelin or John Mitchell take his spot there. Both players were called up yesterday from the AHL.

The suspension for Deveaux falls in line with just about everything that Shanahan is trying to eliminate from the game. Needless elbow to the head going through open ice with direct contact to the head. Yeah, that’ll get you a banning.

Tyler Myers thankful to not be Shanabanned

Buffalo’s Tyler Myers is happy that he’s not yet another notch in the belt of Brendan Shanahan. Myers wasn’t suspended for his questionable hit on New Jersey’s Dainius Zubrus and he’s got every reason to feel thankful for that.

Myers tells Mike Harrington of The Buffalo News about what it’s like to talk it over with Shanahan. If you’re curious about a peek behind the curtain for how things go when talking with Sheriff Shanny, Myers gives you a taste of what it’s like.

“He just wanted to discuss what my thoughts were on it,” Myers said after today”s pregame skate in the RBC Center. “I can really tell he’s trying to inform all the players, tell them what it a legal hit, what’s an illegal hit. It’s a thin line, pretty tough but it was a good conversation. There was contact with the head but there was contact with the body. If it had been a more lateral hit and just contact to the head, then there would have been a hearing and most likely a suspension.”

Consistency is the key for Shanahan when handling all these things and making sure everyone is on the same page is absolutely necessary. Devils fans will yell about no action being taken on Myers, but drawing the line between what is and isn’t good for the game and keeping it physical is part of the deal for Shanahan.

I’d like to think that the phone call with Shanahan just ended with him saying, “Now don’t do it again” and hanging up.

Mike Fisher shares his suspension-related confusion

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Francois Beauchemin isn’t the only person who is making Mike Fisher’s head hurt these days.

The Nashville Predators center admitted to some serious confusion regarding the NHL’s decision not to “Shanaban” Beauchemin and Wojtek Wolski for their controversial hits during the weekend. Fisher provided this Tweet in response to Ottawa journalist Ian Mendes‘ report that the Senators were upset about a lack of discipline for Wolski’s hit on Daniel Alfredsson.


So should we believe Fisher’s statement that players are confused about Brendan Shanahan’s new direction (or maybe that they’re still confused about what’s legal or not)? There have certainly been moments of discipline – or lack thereof – that furrowed brows around the league, although Shanahan & Co. at least deserve credit for being transparent regarding their logic via videos.

Look, making these decisions isn’t easy. It might take time for Shanahan’s crew to develop a consistent body of work that players, executives and fans can understand. Here’s hoping that they find the right balance between consistency and flexibility, though.

If you ask Fisher and likely many others, the NHL still has a way to go before they find an ideal combination of the two, though.

Andy Sutton is going to get an extended vacation


Andy Sutton is about to become an expert on long suspensions in the NHL. During last night’s Edmonton win over Colorado, Sutton caught Avalanche rookie Gabriel Landeskog with a shot to the head while he wasn’t looking, putting Landeskog down on the ice. The hit also got Shane O’Brien to come after Sutton with his fists. The Sheriff isn’t to be trifled with.

Sutton has a face-to-face meeting with NHL safety guru Brendan Shanahan to discuss the play and likely wind up with a suspension of five or more games. Working against Sutton is the fact he has a prior record and the fact that he caught Landeskog with a shot which he appeared to target his head. So far reports from Colorado say that Landeskog is fine and he was back at practice today.

Even though the Oilers have a game on Sunday, Sutton won’t be allowed to play as he’s been suspended pending his hearing in New York City on Monday.

What do you think though? How long do you figure Sutton gets Shanabanned for this hit? Check out the video here to see for yourself.

What’s it like being suspended? Jody Shelley says it’s like prison

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If you thought you knew what it was like to be suspended from the NHL and found it to be like detention in high school or even house arrest in real life, Philly’s Jody Shelley has another comparison for you to chew on.

Shelley’s suspension for a hit from behind in preseason has come to an end and he’s talking about what it’s like to be forced off the ice thanks to his own misgivings. Shelley tells’s Tim Panaccio that it’s like being sent to jail.

“It’s a lonely thing,” Shelley said. “You’re here, but you’re not playing. … You try and stay in shape. Today was a different day than yesterday knowing it was done.”

Loneliness and exercising, eh? I can assume there’s three square meals and a warden (wife? roommate? dog?) that keeps you in line on top of all that as well.

Shelley went on to say that getting used to Shanahan’s way of ruling the NHL is taking time to adjust to. Forgive us here for thinking so, but blasting a guy from behind when he’s not looking and totally defenseless shouldn’t take time to adjust to. Shelley’s been guilty of doing that enough in his career to know better. With how the Flyers have played without him in the lineup, if he doesn’t stop with the bad hits he’s going to be a fixture in the press box.

We’re guessing that the press box is more like a country club prison with all the soft pretzels, candy, and soda you can handle.