Video: Star Cam and Net Cam highlights of Capitals-Rangers Game 3

(Want a full recap of the game? Click here. Want to pour over the controversial non-goal that closed out the second period? Have at it. This post includes video footage of the game’s five goals, if you missed it or just want to see them again.)

To some, the New York Rangers only have one star: goalie Henrik Lundqvist. Or at least he’s there only star when Marian Gaborik goes into ghost mode, which he’s done for much of this season.

Yet that ignores the great play (and mustache) of Brandon Dubinsky and the hard-working output of the team overall. Sure, the Washington Capitals have mega-star Alex Ovechkin and some orbiting stars in Alexander Semin and Nicklas Backstrom, but the Rangers have some stealthy talent of their own.

For evidence of that, check out Star Cam footage of the Capitals and Rangers below. To check out Lundqvist and potential star goalie of the future Michal Neuvirth, watch the last video that spotlights the best Net Cam moments.

Rangers Star Cam highlights:

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Capitals Star Cam clips:

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Net Cam video:

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Video: Every goal from Rangers’ 3-2 win over Capitals

Even though this game was much, much bigger for the New York Rangers than the Washington Capitals, both teams played their hearts out. Ultimately, the Rangers’ hard work paid off as they beat the Capitals 3-2 to cut Washington’s series lead to 2-1.

The Rangers can breathe a sigh of relief because a 3-0 deficit would probably be too much for a team that isn’t exactly explosive on offense. Both of their losses were bitterly fought, low-scoring games that could have gone either way (even if the Capitals deserved to win).

Washington shouldn’t be too concerned with the loss, although they must steel themselves to the likely possibility that this isn’t going to be easy. It’s quite likely that they will need to grind through three or four more games to get those needed two W’s. This result makes another first round disappointment a legitimate possibility, too.

Both teams scored big goals, but the Rangers were able to beat a suffocating Capitals defense enough times to earn a huge win. Brandon Dubinsky showed that he’s more than a man with an astonishing mustache, scoring a crucial goal for the Blueshirts. Alex Ovechkin and the Caps offense started to break through a bit, but not as much as Dubinsky & Co.

Want to see all the goals? Check them out in the highlight package below.

Alexes Semin and Ovechkin briefly silence critics as Capitals beat Rangers 2-1 in OT

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Almost anyone eager to criticize the Washington Capitals for their playoff troubles will blame their defense, goaltending and two star Russian wingers: Alexander Semin and Alex Ovechkin.

Whether it’s their carefree attitudes, perceived lack of production* or the simple sports writing formula of “Team doesn’t win = player is a choker,” there are many hockey people who revel in the “failures” of Semin and Ovechkin. Those people probably weren’t very happy with the results of Game 1, as Ovechkin tied the game up in the third period while Semin scored the overtime game-winner and assisted on Ovechkin’s tally as well.

Washington 2, NY Rangers 1 (OT); Capitals lead 1-0

This was the tight-checking, rugged defensive game that some assumed would be too much for Washington. Anyone who’s been following this team during the 2010-11 season (rather than leaning on outdated opinions) would know that they’ve grown quite a bit in that area, something they showed by grinding out a tough win against a resilient team.

The first two periods went without a goal as Henrik Lundqvist and Michal Neuvirth kept both teams off the board. Matt Gilroy finally gave the Rangers a 1-0 lead about two minutes into the third period, followed by that video-reviewed Ovechkin goal at the 13:44 mark. The game then went into overtime, putting greater pressure on the Capitals.

It looked like that pressure would increase that much more as the two teams slugged it out deep into the first (and only) overtime period, but Semin scored a resounding goal with about a minute and a half left to win it for Washington. Marc Staal is a great defensive defenseman, but he coughed up the puck to Jason Arnott, who made a nice play to keep the puck in the Rangers’ zone before setting up Semin’s winner.

Lundqvist made 33 saves in the game, often frustrating the Capitals shooters with his world-class netminding, but it wasn’t enough. Neuvirth had a comparatively easy night, passing his first test as Washington’s No. 1 goalie by stopping 24 out of 25 shots.

Obviously, it’s erroneous to judge an entire two month playoff schedule by one night of action, but Wednesday’s game does force the question: is it time to take Semin and Ovechkin seriously? If they keep it up, their detractors will have to eat some playoff crow.

* Semin has 26 points in 29 career playoff games, while Ovechkin has a whopping 41 in 29. They might not have blemish-free games, but calling them chokers seems downright silly.

Video: Referees eventually approve Alex Ovechkin’s game-tying goal

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In case you’re not tuning into Versus as of this writing (may we ask why?), the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals are currently locked up at 1-1 in the first overtime period.

After the Rangers took a 1-0 lead, Alex Ovechkin appeared to notch the tying goal by never giving up on a third period play. Yet it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that the tally would count, as the on-ice officials seemed reluctant to make the call.

As you can see from the video clip below, it’s obvious that the overly criticized Capitals star scored that goal. The puck clearly crossed the red line before any whistle was audible, although it’s important to note that officials might have determined that they “intended” to blow a whistle even if one couldn’t be heard.

(It’s easy to criticize that rule, and no doubt, it’s hard not to sometimes. That being said, what if an official tried to do so in an extremely noisy arena? What if a sweaty hand loosens his grip? The rule kinda sorta makes sense when you think about the hypothetical situations.)

Anyway, here’s video of that not-so controversial goal. Now turn on Versus or get to a bar/restaurant that is showing the games. Please.

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Michal Neuvirth will be in Washington’s net for Game 1


The knee-jerk reaction is to say that the Washington Capitals are weak in net, especially since they have two or even three* options for who should be the starting goalie. Yet if you look at the numbers, only four NHL teams allowed less goals than the Capitals’ did during the 2010-11 season.

Michal Neuvirth doesn’t have the win-loss record of oft-injured previous starter Semyon Varlamov nor does he have the outstanding (in a small sample) stats of Braden Holtby, but he’s been a rock for the Capitals all season long. For that reason — and perhaps also taking into account his success in the AHL playoffs — the team named him their Game 1 starter, according to Stephen Whyno and CSN Washington.

It is unclear how strong his hold on the No. 1 job might be, though. Does Neuvirth need to look over his shoulder if he has an off game, or will Bruce Boudreau let him roll with the punches a bit? It’s an interesting situation to watch, and although it’s true that their goalies aren’t established like those of other teams, count me among the people who think that it could actually be a position of strength.

* – Depending on how you feel about Braden Holtby.