Vancouver spa offers gift certificates for rioters’ confessions

Eccotique Spa in Vancouver is receiving quite a bit of attention this week. In an industry that is supposed to promote tranquility and relaxation, the rouge spa is making waves for a semi-controversial promotion. With the best interests of Vancouver surely at heart, the spa is offering $50 gift certificates to any individuals who come forward and confess to taking part in the riots after Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Yes, this is real.

Check out the slogan for the promotion:

“You didn’t pay for anything at the riots. Why stop now?”

But wait! There’s more! As if that slogan wasn’t perfection in its own right, the Spa’s president Milajne Soligo topped himself in a press release for the promotion. From the Toronto Sun:

“These people obviously had a lot of pent-up anger during all the chaos. We think they need to learn how to calm down and relax, which fits perfectly with our spa offerings.”

Again—yes, this is real. So far, no one has come forward and taken the spa up on their offer. They’d probably get a little more action if it weren’t for the clause in the promotion that calls for “proof of arrest.” Can’t they just take the fan’s misguided youth’s hooligans’ word for it?

Maybe they’re just beating Vancouver fans to the punch? If the Canucks lose in the finals again, fans might channel their inner-Hab fans and loot again. Wait, is it really possible to loot a massage?

Islanders drop ‘interim’ from head coach Jack Capuano’s title

The New York Islanders never put together a truly great record since Jack Capuano took over on November 10. Yet anyone who follows the team would probably admit that there was a noticeable increase in their overall feistiness once Capuano went behind the bench.

With that jump in scrappiness in mind, the team announced that they took “interim” out of his job title, making him the flat-out head coach of the Islanders. Considering the fact that this is the time of the year when most non-playoff teams are canning their coaches, it’s nice to see one instance in which someone receives a semi-promotion.

The Isles produced a 26-29-10 record under his guidance, including a 15-12-6 mark since the All-Star Break. Before taking the reins as the Islanders coach, Capuano spend four seasons as the head coach of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. He also spent several seasons as the general manager of an ECHL team named the Pee Dee Pride. Yes, that’s right, the Pee Dee Pride. Minor league hockey has the greatest team names, doesn’t it?