Video: PHT discusses if Martin Brodeur’s time is up


Part two of our spot on NBC Sportstalk yesterday dealt with the Martin Brodeur issue in New Jersey. What’s the issue? At 39, Brodeur has spent the last three years plagued by injury and looked shaky in a loss to Toronto on Wednesday night.

Russ Thaler asked if Marty was done in New Jersey — here’s what we had to say:

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For what it’s worth, the current oldest goalies in the NHL are Dwayne Roloson (42), Brodeur (39), Nikolai Khabibulin (38), Johan Hedberg (38) and Tim Thomas (37). So yes, the Devils do currently employ two of the NHL’s four oldest netminders.

Video: PHT talks Patrick Kaleta suspension


Brough and I were on NBC Sportstalk yesterday with Russ Thaler (who you can follow on Twitter @russthaler) discussing the four-game suspension Brendan Shanahan handed to Patrick Kaleta for his headbutt on Philly’s Jakub Voracek.

This provided an excellent opportunity say “serial headbutter” on live television:

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For the second show in a row, one of us managed to cut Russ off mid-sentence. We’ve got a real streak going here!

As for Kaleta, he spoke to the Buffalo News today about his suspension.

“Obviously, disappointing I can’t be out there with my teammates,” he said. “I was going for the puck. I was trying to push the guy off the puck…sometimes you have setbacks, but you can’t let it slow you down.”

Okay sure, I’ll buy that. Kaleta was trying to push the guy off the puck…WITH HIS HEAD. Someone should tell him the explanation would have more legitimacy if he hadn’t been caught on video (twice!) doing the same thing before.

Video: PHT talks Sidney Crosby’s potential return

Brough and I were on NBC Sportstalk earlier this evening with Russ Thaler (who you can follow on Twitter @russthaler) discussing today’s Sidney Crosby’s post.

Earlier today, Pens GM Ray Shero appeared on Canadian radio and highlighted a couple of interesting developments in Crosby’s comeback, which we broke down thusly:

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Please refrain from making comments on my wildly exaggerated nervous laugh. It’s a medical issue, there’s nothing I can do.

Also, be sure to tune into future PHT videos, where we’ll be swapping outfits with each other because those are the only nice clothes we own.

Meet Mike and Jason, Your New PHT Writers


Who are you guys?

Mike Halford and Jason Brough.

Where are you from?

For the last four years we’ve been at The Province newspaper in Vancouver running the Orland Kurtenblog.

Never heard of it.

Oh. Um, remember those pictures of the Blackhawks in a limo with their shirts off?


We published those.

And now you have a job with NBC?

Well, that’s not all we did. We also had a radio show in Vancouver. The show was on pretty late at night though. Half of it was just us playing old jazz records.

So…you’re Canadian?



It’s cool, we’re fairly well versed in Americana, so we can speak to everyone. Just might need to brush up on certain things. Is George Clinton still the prime minister of the United States?

What should readers expect from you?

Our approach is fairly simple — we’re two guys who love hockey and having a laugh, and we try to reflect that in our work. We hope the readers will not only enjoy this approach, but also get in on the fun. Please comment, and comment often. For example, “Great blog!” Or, “I never thought about it that way! You make a very compelling point!” Or, “Leafs suck!”

Will Joe and James still be writing for PHT?

Of course they will. Not only do they know their hockey, they know where the office bathroom key is kept.

Do you have a favorite NHL team?

Well, we’re from Vancouver…

Great, you’re Canucks fans.

Yes, and we know that means 1) Most of you will already hate us, but not before 2) We come up with a series of elaborate conspiracies explaining why that is.

What do you have planned?

To make Pro Hockey Talk the go-to site for NHL insight and analysis. In addition to covering all the major news of the day, we’ll do our best to provide unique opinions and amusing takes on all things hockey. You might agree with us, you might not. You might have a chuckle, you might not. The most important thing is that you click on the advertising, which you’ll find on the sidebar.

So will you just be writing?

Glad you asked. No, we’ll also be producing some video, including interviews with NBC analysts like Pierre McGuire, Mike Milbury, Ed Olcyzk and Jeremy Roenick. Be sure to watch…as the videos will also have advertising.

Anything else?

Yes, please don’t ask us about the riot.

Forgot about that. That must’ve been embarrassing.