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Photo of the day: Kings fans have the taunting thing down


There’s not much that needs to be said about this picture, but let’s set the scene: The Devils have their hands full with the Kings, Peter DeBoer looks less-than pleased and the giant heads of characters from the Jersey Shore loom behind them courtesy of Kings mascot, Bailey.

source: Getty Images

I’m not even Pete DeBoer and even I’ll have feverish nightmares courtesy of this big-headed nightmare. A three-foot tall head of Snooki? Ye gods.

Photo of the day: Ryan Kesler fell down and went boom


source: Getty Images

What you see here is what happens when Ryan Kesler goes above and beyond the call of duty to draw a cross checking call by Kings defenseman Willie Mitchell. What’s funny here, aside from Kesler’s over-the-top theatrics, is seeing Mitchell and Alec Martinez busy chatting about the call about to be made against them while Kesler is still in the process of whirling and twirling to the ice.

Yes, Mitchell was called for a minor penalty while Kesler managed to escape without being called for diving. It’s as if Kesler is doing his best Austin Powers imitation here. “Oh, I fell over… Oh, I fell over again…” Hey, with acting like this it practically is comedy.

I’m sure you guys have some great captions for this picture, let’s see them in the comments.