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More big news for St. Louis sports: Hulsizer agrees to buy Blues


The St. Louis Cardinals are obviously making the biggest news on Oct. 28, but the Blues made waves of their own, as Matthew Hulsizer has reportedly agreed to buy the team. [more]

Quebec City’s hopes of landing an NHL team improve after council approves naming rights deal


Quebec City's council approved Quebecor's naming rights deal, which could net the city $63.5 million over 25 years - if the NHL comes back to the former market. This marks a big step in that direction, but the city still has a long way to go before they can land a team if they get the arena built by 2015. [more]

Report: Dallas Stars could have a new owner in place by the end of the year

Reports indicate that the Stars could have a new owner in place before 2012, with the team's bankruptcy hearing currently scheduled for September 14. [more]