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Trendy Sabres vs. defending champion Bruins: Who’s the favorite in the Northeast?


A surprising amount of people are making a trendy pick by choosing the Sabres to win the Northeast Division title, even though the Bruins just won the Stanley Cup. Which team should really be the favorite, though? [more]

To break playoff curse, Maple Leafs must make best of an uneven schedule

For the Maple Leafs to break their playoff curse, the team will have to take advantage of long homestands and survive some substantial road swings. [more]

Two brutal early stretches might doom Senators in 2011-12

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The deck already seemed stacked against the Senators from a talent perspective, but the schedule makers didn't do them any favors with two brutal stretches early next season. [more]

Montreal’s favorable schedule could give them a shot to win the Northeast Division

The Canadiens could be a dark horse candidate to win the Northeast Division because of their reasonable schedule - even if they'll travel more than their rivals. [more]

Dramatic highs and lows dominate Buffalo’s difficult schedule

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The Sabres' 2011-12 schedule almost seems manic depressive in its highs and lows. Surviving a brutal beginning to 2012 could be the key for Pegulamania to run wild. [more]