The Flyers’ playoff t-shirts would make Mac Miller proud


Almost every team has their post-game victory song and the Flyers are using theirs as inspiration for the team’s playoff t-shirt.

Frank Seravalli of Philadelphia Daily News gets the scoop on what the team is wearing and how it ties into their victory song, “Knock Knock” by Mac Miller.

Aside from the standard, team-issue gear, the Flyers are wearing new playoff t-shirts under their equipment, one that pays homage to their post-game victory song.

The back of the shirt, as pictured, says “16 Knock Knock’s” in honor of Mac Miller’s song “Knock Knock,” which the Flyers made famous through HBO’s “24/7” documentary.

All right so this song isn’t quite as catchy as the one the Flyers used during their 2010 run through the playoffs, Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”, but it’s tough to be more ear worm-worthy than MJ. Their shirts for these playoffs also have a Jaromir Jagr quote on the sleeve to give it that veteran touch. At least Mac Miller can say he and Jagr have something in common. If you haven’t heard “Knock Knock” before, get a taste of it here.

At the very least, we’ll take Mac Miller over what the Capitals used during their run on 24/7 when they used DJ Pauly D’s “Beat Dat Beat” to celebrate wins. Hey, the less Jersey Shore hanging around the playoffs, the better.

(Photo credit: Frank Seravalli)

The biggest winner from 24/7? Mac Miller’s bank account, apparently


Pretty interesting tweets here from Nirva Milord, NHL Director of Entertainment Publicity, following the debut episode of 24/7 Flyers/Rangers: Road to the Winter Classic. Turns out that song Philly plays after every victory has done wonders for the song’s creator, suburban rap sensation Mac Miller!


Here’s the part of the episode Milord’s referring to:

That scene officially made me old, by the way. I had no clue who Mac Miller was prior to watching 24/7 — and I’m a pretty hep musical cat. I mean, I listen to Snoopy Dog. I have a Jay-Zed record.

Anyway, the worst part was when I tried to Google the song by typing in the chorus, which I mistakenly heard as “leather man” (turns out it’s “let them in”.) Talk about creepy search results!