Legion of Doom

John LeClair can’t wait to play with Lindros one more time


Getting together for a reunion can sometimes be awkward, but for John LeClair, he can’t wait to team up with Eric Lindros one more time.

The former “Legion of Doom” linemates haven’t played together since the 1999-2000 season but in today’s Winter Class Alumni Game, LeClair tells Sarah Baicker of CSNPhilly.com that he can’t wait to lace ’em up one more time with his old friend.

“It’s going to be fun,” John LeClair said, of reuniting with Lindros. “It’s been a while since we played together. It’s a lot of good times and a lot of good memories. It’s great to see him. He’s a big part of Flyers history. He had a lot of great years. He did a lot of great things. He took us to a Stanley Cup in ’97. He was a big part of it.”

For as controversial as Lindros was through his career in Philly, he’s coming back to town like a conquering hero with the fans eager to go wild for him one more time. We can dream about seeing them lay the body and ripping things up today, but we’ll just have to rely on old highlights for that.

Legion of D’oh: Mikael Renberg not likely to play in Winter Classic alumni game

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It’s looking like the Legion of Doom won’t be riding again in the Winter Classic alumni game.

While we all got super geeked up hearing about how Eric Lindros would be playing in the Winter Classic event and was itching to get the band back together to break out the “Legion of Doom” one more time, Mikael Renberg is looking like he won’t be able to make it.

CSNPhilly.com’s Sarah Baicker reports that while Chris Therien will be joining in on the festivities, Flyers contributing writer Bill Meltzer finds out that Renberg will have TV duties covering the World Junior Championships in Edmonton in Calgary instead.

Well if that doesn’t just deflate your tires a little bit I don’t know what will.

The nostalgic turn of events that was going to bring out the kid in all of us who remembered seeing Lindros, Renberg, and John LeClair terrorize the NHL with their physical force and scoring prowess was making the alumni game a must-see event. Now it’s going to be toned down just a little bit.

Seeing an iconic line reassembled the way it was going to be for the alumni game would’ve made it a huge thrill, but Renberg having to do TV work and sticking to his commitment is one of the things that makes hockey players who they are. They have a job and they do it. In this case, we’ll miss out on something that would’ve been really cool to see one more time.

(Photo: Philadelphia Flyers)