Jaromir Jagr: Winter Classic is bigger than playing Red Square


Jaromir Jagr is no stranger to playing a big game outside.

While we’re going to see Jagr suiting up for the Flyers during the 2012 Winter Classic, he’s taken a few spins outside while in the KHL as well. Jagr captained one of the teams in the 2009 KHL All-Star Game that was played outside at Red Square in Moscow and while that provided an iconic moment for the Russian league, Jagr says this time it means more.

PHT asked Jagr to compare the two games and, like he’s been since returning to the NHL, he was honest.

“It was different. It was an all star game and it wasn’t good ice. This is going to be different. You know [the KHL game] it was only three thousand people and there were no seats,” Jagr said. “This is going to be special. This is going to be 50,000 people watching you play.”

Downtown Philadelphia better than Moscow? There’s a few people that might disagree with that, but it’s the experience that makes the difference. Of course, that doesn’t change the weather.

“Actually, I don’t like it much because you gotta play outside it’s gonna be cold, but just the fans… So many fans at the game make it special.”

With the way the crowd should be on Monday afternoon, he’s probably not even going to notice how cold it is.

KHL All-Star Game yields new slap shot record; Denis Kulyash fires 110 mph bomb

If you found yourself impressed by Zdeno Chara firing a puck at 105.9 mph last weekend in Raleigh during the NHL SuperSkills, the KHL would like you to know they’ve got a big bomber of their own.

The KHL is holding their own All-Star Game this weekend and part of that is the skills competition featuring their own hardest shot competition and Denis Kulyash served notice to the world that Chara isn’t the only guy that can try and break the sound barrier with a slap shot. Kulyash won the competition handily firing a shot at 177.58 km/h, a figure that translates to 110.3 mph, destroying Chara’s record that he set last week. You can see video of Kulyash’s shots here on YouTube.

The mark is stunning and one that has never been seen in such a competition ever before and cracking the 110 mph barrier is terrifying all the same. If you’re curious as to whether or not there’s a possibility we could see Kulyash in the NHL, he was drafted by the Nashville Predators in 2004. Imagine having him and Shea Weber teamed up on the point during a power play. Having one guy cranking them at the net at 110 and the other at 104 is mind-boggling.