Kevin Weekes

Video: Weekes debates Gustav Nyquist’s MVP candidacy


After you check out Kevin Weekes’ latest video, part of the Edward Jones Face Time initiative, you can read about how Detroit Red Wings coach Mike Babcock’s advice to Nyquist was to just start shooting. That tends to help you score goals. The Hart Trophy debate likely begins and ends with Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby.

Video: Weekes likes how the Rangers are transitioning under AV


And after you watch Kevin Weekes’ latest video, part of the Edward Jones Face Time initiative, you can read my take on how the Canucks have struggled under John Tortorella. (Specifically, about the problems Vancouver’s had moving the puck out of its own end.)

Video: Weekes wonders if this is the year for San Jose


It seems like the San Jose Sharks have been knocking on the door for ages, but as fans of their biggest rivals will note particularly loudly, it hasn’t worked out for the long-time contenders in the playoffs. Former NHL goalie Kevin Weekes addresses their Stanley Cup chances in the latest video with fans through the Edward Jones Face Time initiative.

The Sharks are currently in a neck-and-neck battle with the Anaheim Ducks for the Pacific Division title and are within striking distance of the top seed in the West. They have 12 games left on their schedule.

Roenick, Weekes debate who’s to blame for hits


Thanks to slow-motion replays and angry Twitter mobs, it’s often easy to vilify a hitter in the event of a controversial check. That’s not always a fair thing, however, and not just because of the lightning-fast speed of the game. Sometimes the “victim” puts himself in a vulnerable position, which some will say leaves the blame at their feet.

NHL Overtime featured an interesting “shootout” debate between former NHL players Kevin Weekes and Jeremy Roenick on that subject. Check out their back-and-forth in the video below and share your own thoughts regarding their discussions.

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NHL Overtime explains Wild’s winning ways


Perhaps it’s just me, but doesn’t it seem like this season’s “new car smell” is just about gone? We’re reaching the “daily grind” part of the campaign where the playoffs is too far away to really consider yet opening night is also fading in our rear-view mirrors. Perhaps that’s why surprise teams like Toronto are slipping noticeably while the Canucks of the world are moving on up.

Yet one shocking success story keeps chugging along, as the Minnesota Wild stand alone atop the NHL. It’s reasonable for normally reasonable people to ask: how and why? Jeremy Roenick and Kevin Weekes shared their reactions and Mike Yeo would be glad to know that the word “passive” wasn’t being thrown around

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!