Keith Jones

Mike Milbury isn’t a fan of Ovechkin’s hit on Girardi


Seeing Alex Ovechkin’s big hit on Dan Girardi in the second period of the Caps’ 3-2 win over New York instantly sparked debate. Ovechkin was nailed for charging but he also appeared to hit Girardi up high while also leaving his feet. While both Ovechkin and Girardi downplayed the hit after the game, that’s a lot of things wrong on one play.

NBC’s Mike Milbury says Ovechkin’s hit was unacceptable for a player that’s a repeat offender when it comes to questionable hits and says a suspension wouldn’t be out of the question. Why am I telling you this though? Check out video of Milbury sounding off.

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All right so Milbury pulls back a bit and says they should leave it up to Brendan Shanahan. Hey, maybe Keith Jones is starting to rub off a bit on the big guy.

Video: Capitals, Sabres go in opposite directions


The Buffalo Sabres and Washington Capitals essentially went into last night’s big game in the same place and Buffalo’s lead is small yet substantial, but more than anything else, it feels like so much more. Then again, if this season’s tightest stretch runs provide any lessons, it’s this: don’t ever assume anything.

Keith Jones and Mike Milbury went on NBC Sports Talk to discuss the rising Sabres, the falling Capitals and some surprising struggles for the Pittsburgh Penguins in the video below.

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Players, coaches and even Bill Goldberg loved Devils-Rangers brawl


John Tortorella wasn’t thrilled with the way last night’s New Jersey Devils-New York Rangers game began – with three fights on the opening faceoff – and he’s not alone.

Still, plenty of people have been vocal about their “approval,” as you can see in this article by Bill Beacon of The Canadian Press. From tougher guys like Montreal Canadiens player Ryan White to high-scoring New York Islanders forward John Tavares, plenty of people have shared their pleasure with the fights.

NBC’s own Keith Jones has spoken out against “staged” squabbles before, but the former Philadelphia Flyer couldn’t contain his glee for the unusual spectacle:

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It didn’t just entertain and excite hockey people, though, as professional wrestler (Bill) Goldberg hyped up the battle in a Tweet. (Who knows how excited he would have gotten if someone was “speared” during the fights.)

Video: Gauging expectations for Sidney Crosby’s comeback


As you must know by now, Sidney Crosby will make his long-awaited return to the Pittsburgh Penguins’ lineup against the New York Rangers on Thursday night. (You’ll be able to watch it live on NBC Sports Network, by the way.) It’s a big game even beyond that with serious implications regarding the Atlantic Division title race, but you can be forgiven if your eyes are fixed on Crosby more than the standings.

With that – and his bombastic previous 2011-12 return – in mind, it might be tough to keep expectations in check. Mike Milbury and Keith Jones broke down what exactly we should (and shouldn’t) look forward to seeing from the biggest star in the sport.

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Jones, Roenick wonder if Zidlicky will be traded


Usually when news surfaces that a player waives his no-trade clause, it’s just a matter of time before he’s on his way out. That’s especially true when that same fellow talks smack about his head coach, which is exactly what happened with Marek Zidlicky.

Zidlicky reportedly waived his NTC to join the New Jersey Devils on Wednesday, yet a deal never actually happened. Not yet, at least.

Keith Jones and Jeremy Roenick tackled the strange subject, as you can see in the video below:

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