Video: Canadiens might need a ‘miracle’ to overcome injuries

Keith Jones thinks that the Canadiens might need a "miracle" to overcome yet another season full of tough injury issues. If nothing else, the team will lean that much more on budding stars Carey Price and P.K. Subban. [more]

Blues playoff chances will hinge on Jaroslav Halak

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It's been a year since the blockbuster trade that sent Jaroslav Halak to the St Louis Blues. If the Blues want to get to the postseason this year, they're going to need him to step up his game. [more]

The Sharks already have an injury report?

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The Sharks released injury updates on Martin Havlat, Antti Niemi, and Antero Niittymaki today. Can someone please tell them that the season hasn't started yet? [more]

Accepting the role of violence in hockey


Ken Gray suggests that the NHL should abolish fighting, head shots and maybe even body contact. Player safety is an important issue, but we must also acknowledge the fact that hockey and violence are inextricably linked. [more]

Pronger still about 3 weeks away from serious training


Chris Pronger is still about three weeks away from being cleared to seriously train for next season. Now there's word that he may miss the beginning of training camp as well... [more]