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Visa issues will keep Peter Forsberg out of Colorado’s game against Minnesota

As we discussed earlier this week, Peter Forsberg’s latest NHL comeback with the Colorado Avalanche is being hampered by something other than injuries: he’s battling immigration issues right now.

The Associated Press reports that Forsberg will not play in Colorado’s upcoming game against the Minnesota Wild. In fact, he wasn’t able to join the team in Minnesota at all today as he clears up visa issues in Canada.

The team reports that Forsberg should make his first appearance with the team either against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Friday or the Nashville Predators on Saturday.

Perhaps the team should wait until Saturday, as it’s probably not a great idea to allow the aging and injury-prone forward to play in to many back-to-back contests. We’ll keep you posted.

A new roadblock for Peter Forsberg’s comeback: ‘immigration issues’

It’s unclear what the latest Peter Forsberg Comeback Tour will ultimately resemble; it could be a train wreck or a pleasant cruise down memory lane. Yet even the most ardent supporters of the future Hall of Famer’s return would probably admit that it will have its fair share of bumpy moments.

While most of those problems will likely be related to his health – particularly an eternally wonky foot – immigration issues present the latest hurdle for the return of Foppa.

The Globe & Mail reports that Forsberg “left the country” to sort out his immigration status after participating in a morning skate with the Colorado Avalanche. The veteran forward has already been ruled out for tonight’s game against the Phoenix Coyotes, but it remains to be seen if he can get things sorted out soon enough to play against the Minnesota Wild on Wednesday or the Columbus Blue Jackets on Friday.