Hulk Hogan

Photo: Clearly, President Obama isn’t rooting for the Lightning


The Tampa Bay Lightning have backers including Hulk Hogan and Chris Jericho (plus supporters outside of the professional wrestling world, one would assume). The Chicago Blackhawks have the ultimate trump card: the Leader of the Free World.

President Barack Obama showed his Chicago allegiance in posing for a photo with a Blackhawks sweater alongside Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley heading into Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final:

Talk about being a puck partisan.

Even Hulk Hogan turned on the Penguins


It was always a fun thing to see Hulk Hogan in Pittsburgh on the big screen asking, “Whatcha gonna do when Malkamania runs wild on you?” whenever Evgeni Malkin had a big night at CONSOL Energy Center.

A curious thing happened during Game 3, however, as the Hulkster was on the jumbotron at Wells Fargo Center wearing the orange and black of the Flyers after madness again broke loose in the third period of the Flyers’ 8-4 win. Hogan had a special message to deliver to the Philly faithful.

The Hulkster traded out his black and gold gear to show support for Scott Hartnell and his encounter with a Penguins fan decked out in the Hulkster’s gear just last month. That’s the biggest heel move we’ve seen since the summer when both Jaromir Jagr and Maxime Talbot dumped Pittsburgh in favor of Philly.

The Penguins might need The Rock to step in and help them out now.

Ovechkin, Capitals steal a strange one in shootout


If hockey was a sport based on merit alone – and thus devoid of bounces and luck – you’d have to think that the Boston Bruins would have creamed the Washington Capitals tonight. In a way, though, the teams’ strange game matched the flow of an old school professional wrestling match with Washington eventually gaining the 3-2 shootout win.

Caps hook the tights

Consider the Capitals in the role of the “heel” or villain – and not just because of a questionable hit by Jason Chimera on Adam McQuaid. They essentially snoozed through the first 40 minutes, managing just nine shots in that time yet keeping the score 0-0. Then one could say that Alex Ovechkin did his best Ric Flair impression, “hooking the tights” with two opportunistic assists to give him 14 points (10 goals, four helpers) in his last 12 games.

(Hey, you can say what you will about Ovechkin’s overall disappointments and the team’s tough season, but what about his work during the stretch run? It’s getting harder to say he isn’t “clutch” considering that he’s seemingly only being productive in clutch times in 2011-12.)

Naturally fitting in with the theme of the Capitals’ up-and-down season, the Bruins scored two quick goals to make it 2-2. Consider that turnaround the hockey equivalent to Hulk Hogan “hulking up” at what seemed like the brink of defeat.

Eventually Brooks Laich was the one who scored the “pin” by beating Tim Thomas with a beautiful backhand shootout move, but it was a wild one before that.

East bubble update

Regardless, the Capitals generated those crucial two points, although they technically remain in ninth place:

7. Ottawa: 88 points, 34 regulation/OT wins with five games left
8. Buffalo: 86 points, 31 regulation/OT wins with five games left

9. Washington: 86 points, 36 regulation/OT wins with four games left

The Capitals currently hold the tiebreaker advantage over Buffalo, which means the Sabres will likely need to finish with at least one more point to take the final spot (assuming that the Senators don’t stumble out themselves). It’s not an impossible request, but as we’ve discussed before, Washington is going to need some help to get in the playoffs. Especially since it appears that Tomas Vokoun aggravated his groin injury on just his first game back Thursday.

Luck was certainly on their side for most of Thursday night, though.

Duncan Keith seeks Hulk Hogan-like inspiration to deal with suspension


Now that Duncan Keith has a few games off for himself to think about the nasty elbow he threw at Daniel Sedin, the focus for him now is to make sure he stays focused on the game when he comes back.

We’ve heard from his teammates about what they think of his suspension, but Keith talked with’s Tracey Myers about how he’s going to stay loose while he’s suspended and he’s sounding an awful lot like Hulk Hogan when describing what his routine will be.

“I want to keep sharp, want to keep in game shape. I’ll do that,” he said. “(I’ll try to) get as much rest, eat properly, get lots of sleep and be working out with Paul (Goodman) and hopefully I can try to use it as my advantage, somehow.”

“Well you know Mean Gene, as long as I take my vitamins, say my prayers, and sharpen these gnarly elbows, Duncamania is gonna run wild on you!

In all seriousness now, we’re sure the Canucks could care less about what Keith decides to do with his time off. Meanwhile, Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews told Myers he thinks his teammate may have gone “a little overboard” with his hit on Sedin. Political correctness like that is why he’s the leader everyone.