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Tyler Seguin says his hips are fine

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Tyler Seguin knows what’s being talked about regarding his potentially career-altering hip condition, but he doesn’t like it at all.

Seguin tells CSNNE.com’s Joe Haggerty that there’s no truth to what was reported yesterday about having a congenital hip condition and that he’s 100% fine and wasn’t born with anything.

Seguin’s statement goes against what Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli confirmed to the Boston Globe and ESPN Boston, however. The revelation was a startling one and one that puts Seguin’s future playing career in doubt. Being a 19 year-old kid and having this being discussed and talked about so openly has to be upsetting for him as well as mortifying.

After all, just think of how you’d feel having people talk about a medical condition that could potentially ruin your career that you just started. I’d get a bit defensive too. Still, it’s strange that something like this found its way into the news and to have the team GM and player disagreeing on it makes the situation all the more curious.

Could hip problems cut Tyler Seguin’s career short?

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ESPN Boston’s Joe McDonald provided one of the strangest injury-related bits in quite some time on Friday: his sources say Tyler Seguin faces a heightened chance of hip problems.

The bad news

McDonald reports that “the condition could lead to an injury that requires surgery and potentially shorten his career.”

The good news

On the other hand, the hip issues a) aren’t a present concern and b) could be limited if Seguin is “proactive” about the potential problem. He can limit his risks by strengthening that area.

Putting it in perspective

Boston Bruins fans shouldn’t get too worried about this tidbit because the piece emphasizes that hip problems are often a way of life in the sport. The team estimates that 70 percent of its roster is either prone to problems or has experience dealing with hip injuries. David Krejci and Tim Thomas both fought through past ailments to become huge parts of the team’s 2011 Stanley Cup run.


So the bad news is that Seguin might be more susceptible to hip injuries to most. On the bright side, the Bruins identified the problem early and are accustomed to rolling with the punches with their centers. It’s a situation for GM Peter Chiarelli and the rest of the front office to monitor, but Bruins fans are right to look at shorter-term problems, like the fact that the defending champions are currently the lowest ranked team in the Eastern Conference.