goal drought

Scott Gomez hasn’t scored a goal in 365 days


The last time Scott Gomez scored a goal for the Montreal Canadiens was February 5, 2011 against the New York Rangers. The Habs won that game 2-0 and Gomez’s goal was the game-winner. It was a happy night in Montreal.

Since then, times have been tough. Gomez has played in 51 regular season games and seven playoff games since then and has no goals to show for it and that’s something that’s got some fans outside of Montreal a bit excited. Gomez’s time in Montreal of late has been filled with Bronx cheers, boos, and utter frustration that he can’t be more of an offensive fixture for the Habs.

Making matters worse are Montreal’s struggles in the standings. The Canadiens are currently 28th in the league standings-wise and dead last in the Eastern Conference. Salad days these are not. Gomez snapping out of his goal funk would do a lot for him and while it’s not likely to help Montreal lead their way into the playoffs, at the very least it would take the heat off for a day.

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Anyone seen Teemu Selanne or Jaromir Jagr’s goals?

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All right we’re just a handful of games into the season and we’ve yet to see a goal scored by either of the NHL’s playing legends Jaromir Jagr or Teemu Selanne. Neither the Flyers nor Ducks are struggling without their offensive production but seeing Jagr’s offensive totals have just three assists and Selanne with just one assists (earned last night) you can’t help but feel a bit put off by that.

Fear not, friends and fans of legends, starting off a little slow is nothing new.

Last season, it took Selanne until his fourth game of the season to notch his first goal. It would be the first of 31 on the season for the 40 year-old future Hall-Of-Famer. In October last year, Selanne had six goals in all. After all, it was Selanne who was (jokingly) telling Ducks coach Randy Carlyle that “training camp was overrated” and who are we to argue?

source: Getty ImagesHey those older guys take a bit of time to get warmed up. Jaromir Jagr is no different.

In Jagr’s last NHL season in 2007-2008, he had just two goals in the first month of the season and it took him until the Rangers’ fifth game of the year to get his first. This time around and being four years older, Jagr is a bit wiser and his chances have been there already for the Flyers. But after a preseason that saw the goals come easy, getting that first one this time around is a bit trickier.

If you’re stressing about when these two studs are going to score again… Don’t. If there’s anything to worry about with Jagr or Selanne it’s their health, but both look strong so far this season. The goals will come just like they always do, just give those old timers a couple extra games to get rolling. You don’t rush greatness.