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Bruins’ Marchand picked quite the time to do the Conor McGregor strut


Before the Bruins’ Saturday game against the Blue Jackets, MMA superstar Conor McGregor began the festivities. In a way, he “ended” them, too.

McGregor was on hand to drop the ceremonial first puck heading into that game (doing so in Boston, which might beat out the Maple Leafs’ St. Pats jerseys as The Most St. Patrick’s Day thing in the NHL today). With that in mind, Brad Marchand decided to bust out McGregor’s “strut’ after scoring the 2-1 overtime game-winner against the Blue Jackets.

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You can also see it in GIF form:

Marchand would probably need to be more excited to fight in his own “weight class” to truly be the McGregor of the Bruins (going after Lars Eller isn’t that far from McGregor getting in the octagon with CM Punk), but one can see how the two are, in many ways, kindred spirits.

Both inspire plenty of controversy (has McGregor ever licked a foe?), yet they’re both so talented that they really can’t be denied.

It’s part of what makes them both entertaining, and attention-grabbing … and that much more annoying, if you’re not a fan of Marchand and/or McGregor.

Here’s McGregor dropping the puck:

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Video: Lightning will celebrate goals this season with a Tesla coil


When the Tampa Bay Lightning score goals this season, you might be a bit more than thunderstruck when Steve Stamkos or Martin St. Louis buries one in the back of the net. You might also be dumbstruck at seeing the beauty and wonder of the Tesla coil to provide the lightning to accompany the thunder.

Yes, that’s right, one of inventor Nikola Tesla’s creations will make it’s appearance at St. Pete Times Forum this season to provide a better electric visual than just cartoon lightning bolts on the scoreboard. Instead, a Tesla coil will hang above the rink and produce bolts of electricity to show their appreciation for Stamkos and company.

All we know know is that going to see a game at Tampa Bay has moved way up the “must-see” list. (Thanks to @felixpotvin on Twitter for the video)