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Pronger to return tomorrow?

In conjunction with our round-the-clock Mike Green updates, PHT is also committed to bringing you the latest in Chris Pronger news.

So, here goes: According to NHL.com’s At the Rink blog, the Flyers captain could return from his eye injury on Wednesday against the Lightning. Pronger’s now fully participated in two straight practices and flew to Tampa Bay with his teammates this afternoon.

“I’ve got to see how I feel after today. I didn’t feel too hot (Monday), so we’ll see how I feel today after a pretty good skate,” Pronger told reporters. “You don’t realize how quickly you can lose it when you’ve done nothing for seven days, you’re bedridden for four of them — the joints need to be moving. Sometimes while I feel like I’m 25, when you’re laying decrepit in your bed for four or five days, you get a little tight and stiff.”

Decrepit laying aside, most signs suggest Prong Kong (a friend of mine granted permission to use that nickname, feel free to try it) will get back to action tomorrow. He’s already missed six games and doesn’t seem keen on missing a seventh. He skated extensively with usual blueline parter Matt Carle and participated in all of Philly’s powerplay drills. Head coach Peter Laviolette said Pronger looked good during Tuesday’s practice and Claude Giroux said “he looks in great shape.”

Final note: If Pronger does return on Wednesday, he’ll be wearing a visor. Team ophthalmologist Dr. Stephen Goldman refused to clear him unless he wore one.

Pronger still experiencing blurred vision


Chris Pronger met with the media between the first and second periods of the Flyers/Canes game at the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday night. The purpose of Pronger’s media scrum was to give everyone an update on his recovery process after taking an accidental stick in the eye from Toronto’s Mikhail Grabovski.

The good news is that he was able to meet with the media after being put on bed rest to recover from the eye injury. He says his vision is still “a little blurry,” but says it’s because of eyes drops and medication designed to make the swelling go down around his eye. He added that he was able to “gingerly” ride a stationary bike for a brief period of time on Saturday.

Since taking the stick in the eye, the Flyers organization said that he’ll be wearing a visor when he comes back from the severe scratch on his eye. When asked during the interview if visors should be mandatory for players in the NHL, Pronger responded exactly how you’d expect Pronger to respond: “You don’t want to hear my answer to that question.” It’ll be interesting to see if he, in fact, comes back with a visor, and if he wears it for the rest of the year.

It’s positive for all Flyers fans that the captain hasn’t suffered any major setbacks thus far as he tries to recover from the nearly tragic injury. The bad news is that he still has blurred vision in his eye and don’t have an idea of when he’ll come back. Initially, the team said he would be out 2-3 weeks for this type of injury—that was a week ago.

This is one of those situations that it’s best for the organization to err on the side of caution. Obviously, it’s better to be safe than sorry when talking about a player being able to see out on the ice.

Mike Mottau cleared to fly home to Long Island

While the specifics are still cloudy on just what kind of eye injury Mike Mottau suffered – and how it might affect his vision/ability to compete in the NHL – it seems like he’s doing about as well as can be expected.

Today brought about the best bit of news so far, as the New York Islanders announced that Mottau has been cleared to fly home to Long Island after spending a few days in Atlanta while the swelling went down around his right eye.

It’s a bit of relief to hear that his condition seems to be improving, but our hope is that the useful defenseman can play again soon. Obviously, his long term health is the most important issue, but it would be a shame if this injury ended his solid career.

Report: Mike Mottau will spend another night in Atlanta hospital

Let’s get to some more updates regarding New York Islanders defenseman Mike Mottau and his scary eye injury.

Katie Strang provided some new information on his situation today, even if the specifics of the situation are still a little scarce.

The first bit of information Strang passed along via Mottau’s agent: he’s dealing with some significant swelling around his eye and had to get some stitches in that area. The other bit of news is that Mottau will stay in Atlanta for another night and will remain there “until further notice.”

The situation still seems pretty cloudy, so we’ll pass along information as it comes along.

Mike Mottau to stay in hospital overnight, will be reevaluated Monday

While there hasn’t been a whole lot more news or information regarding the specifics of Mike Mottau’s condition, we do have a couple updates that seem to indicate he might be OK. At least in the grand scheme of things. Both of the updates come from Katie Strang of New York Newsday.

First, Strang wrote that although Mottau was taken off the ice on a stretcher, it was done for precautionary reasons. Apparently the New York Islanders defenseman was “lucid and coherent” and walked to the ambulance on his own.

Secondly, Strang passed along an update regarding his short term future: Mottau will stay in an Atlanta hospital overnight before he will be reevaluated by doctors in New York on Monday.

Now, these updates don’t guarantee that Mottau will be fine. That being said, they certainly give some reason for optimism. If nothing else, it sounds like he’ll be OK in the grand scheme of things. It’s just a question of whether or not this will affect his vision on the ice.

Naturally, we’ll keep you up to date regarding Mottau’s status, though there probably won’t be much out there until Monday afternoon or later.