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Another league changes its rules, thanks to David Leggio


In what should come as no surprise, the Deutsche Eishockey Liga has changed its rule regarding when a goaltender goes and pulls a David Leggio when facing an odd-man rush.

According to Wednesday’s league announcement, should a goaltender purposely dislodge his own net to prevent a scoring chance, a goal will be awarded. The original league rule, which followed IIHF guidelines, awarded a penalty shot.

[Goaltender David Leggio knocks own net off again to avoid breakaway (Video)]

The change was in response to Leggio’s actions on Friday night while playing with EHC Red Bull München. With Ross Mauermann of the Fischtown Pinguins skating in on a breakaway, the netminder turned and knocked his net off, stopping play and eliminating the scoring chance.

Leggio, who was also fined an unspecified amount for “gross unsportsmanlike conduct,” would go on and stop the penalty shot during a 5-2 Munchen victory.

Appearing on NHL Network earlier this week, Leggio told E.J. Hradek that from where he stood he thought he was facing a 2-on-0 and not a 1-on-0 breakaway, which is why he went to the move he pulled in the AHL in 2014. (The AHL would tweak its own rule that awarded a penalty shot to also eject the goaltender.) If he would have realized it was just a simple 1-on-0 breakaway, he said he would have preferred to face that rather than a penalty shot.

“When I was at the World Championships playing for USA, I went in the game and [Russia] had a 3-on-0 with Ovechkin and Tikhonov and surprise, surprise, they scored,” he said. “That would have taken some courage to do it in that situation. So I figured out the rule [and] if this ever happens again let’s take the percentages and take the penalty shot instead.”

Leggio added that during his second year in Germany, when the league implemented 3-on-3 in overtime, he spoke with officials to clarify what the rule was in that situation. When he was informed the punishment would only be a penalty shot, he knew he could pull off his famous move at during an odd-man rush.

You can love what Leggio did or you could think it’s a cheap move, but you have to give him credit for knowing the rules and taking advantage of them. Two leagues in two different countries have now tweaked their rulebook because the Williamsville, N.Y. native found a creative way to prevent a scoring chance.

Leggio is also now 2-for-2 in stopping penalty shots following a net dislodging, so maybe he’ll move on to another country next season and keep that streak going.

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Goaltender David Leggio knocks own net off again to avoid breakaway (Video)

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It is my duty to inform you all that goaltender David Leggio is at it again.

You might remember Leggio for one of two things. First, he does a wicked good Pierre McGuire impression. Really. It’s quite accurate.

Secondly, it was three years ago that Leggio, then with the American Hockey League’s Bridgeport Sound Tigers, ended an opponents’ 2-on-0 in unique fashion. Rather than attempt to stop the odd-man rush with a save, he simply turned around and purposely dislodged his own net, stopping play.

The Springfield Falcons were awarded a penalty shot, which Leggio stopped. Simple math, right? A 1-on-0 is better than a 2-on-0.

The defensive technique wasn’t lost on Leggio Friday night as he played for EHC Red Bull München of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga during a 5-2 win over the Fischtown Pinguins.

As Ross Mauermann skated in on a breakaway, Leggio, whose teammates were well-aware of his previous manner of defusing an odd-man rush, did it again.

When it happened in the AHL, the league quickly moved to tweak the rule in place and make it so a game misconduct was given to any goaltender who tried to pull a Leggio. The DEL currently has no such rule, but you can bet that’s going to be discussed very soon.


Sean Leahy is a writer for Pro Hockey Talk on NBC Sports. Drop him a line at phtblog@nbcsports.com or follow him on Twitter @Sean_Leahy.

Trade: Coyotes acquire Leggio from the Islanders

The Arizona Coytoes have acquired goaltender David Leggio from the New York Islanders in exchange for Mark Louis.

Leggio, 30, is 7-13-0 to go along with an .861 save percentage and a 3.93 GAA in 23 games with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers of the American Hockey League this season.

Leggio made news earlier this season when he purposely dislodge his net while facing a 2-on-0 breakaway during a November game against the Springfield Falcons.

Louis, 27, has three assists and 77 penalty minutes in 34 games with the AHL’s San Antonio Rampage this season.

Report: AHL changes rule following Leggio incident


Bridgeport Sound Tigers goaltender David Leggio has been all over highlight shows this week after he avoided a potential 2-on-0 breakaway by purposely dislodging the net.

In doing so, Leggio violated American Hockey League Rule 63.5, which reads “If the goal post is deliberately displaced by a goalkeeper or player during the course of a ‘breakaway’ a penalty shot will be awarded to the non-offending team”.

Leggio decided he was more likely to stop a penalty shot than and 2-on-0 breakaway, he was right.

The AHL has reportedly added harsher rules for similar incidents in future.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the play, which led to the rules being changed: