Penguins score on Sidney Crosby’s first shift


It’s tough to imagine Sidney Crosby lighting up the New York Rangers like he destroyed the New York Islanders, but you could feel a bit of that magic from the moment he stepped back on the ice. (Sure, there was a lot of profane “magic” from Rangers fans, but that just adds to the atmosphere.)

In fact, Crosby’s interesting “third” line created the game’s first goal – on his first shift back. Crosby will only receive a +1 for his trouble, but he created a little havoc while Tyler Kennedy collected an assist on a weird Matt Cooke goal.

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I’d be surprised if that trio sticks together long-term, yet if they produce results like that often enough, the Pittsburgh Penguins might prove me wrong.

With the score 1-1 through the first period, Crosby played just under five minutes (4:56) and fired one shot on goal. That line also generated a power play for the Penguins.

Video: Sidney Crosby isn’t worried about getting hit


Last time Sidney Crosby captured the hockey world’s attention with a comeback, it was against the struggling New York Islanders and a green goalie in Anders Nilsson. Tonight’s match is wildly different as the Pittsburgh Penguins hope to advance on the East and Atlantic-leading New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden.

Crosby spoke about his expectations – particularly a lack of nervousness about taking checks – as he returns in the middle of what should be an intense game (which you can watch on NBC Sports Network tonight).

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!