Dan Marino dropped the puck for Panthers’ first playoff game in 12 years

When you think “celebrities who would drop the puck at a Florida Panthers game,” Dan Marino might not be the first person to pop into your mind. Yet there he was tonight, wearing a No. 13 Panthers jersey to drop the ceremonial first puck for Game 1 against the New Jersey Devils.

(Video will be added if available.)

Yup, a lot has changed since the last time the Panthers played a Game 1 against the Devils (which happened exactly 12 years ago today). For one thing, Marino was just one year removed from retiring from the NFL as one of the league’s greatest passers.

Then again, when you consider the fact that they’ll try to solve Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils again, it might not seem likethat much has changed. Everyone’s maybe a little bit heavier and a little bit slower, but on an unfamiliar night for Florida, it was probably nice to see some familiar faces.

Bruins provide tonight’s tear-jerking moment

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Every now and then, a video comes along that can cut through even the iciest, most cynical heart. The Boston Bruins provided one of those moments tonight, as Lori and Daron Jacobs were surprised to see that their son Charles wasn’t in Afghanistan – he was in Boston for the ceremonial puck drop. Prepare to be moved: