Brett MacLean

Coyotes say Brett MacLean is “doing well” after cardiac emergency


It appears that Phoenix Coyotes forward Brett MacLean is feeling much better one week after a frightening “cardiac emergency” in Owen Sound, Ontario. He was “conscious and speaking” a couple days later and the Coyotes report that his recovery continues to progress nicely. Here’s the latest update from the Coyotes.

“We have been in contact with Brett’s family and the hospital over the past week and the reports are that he is doing well and his condition is improving. Brett will continue to undergo tests with the cardiology team at University Hospital in London, Ontario.”

There’s no word yet regarding MacLean’s chances of resuming his hockey career, though. That’s probably to be expected as doctors still must determine the cause for his heart problems and whether or not this could be a recurring issue.

If nothing else, it appears that MacLean should survive that scary incident, which is great news either way.

Brett MacLean’s recovery is “coming along beautifully”


Brett MacLean, who suffered a “cardiac emergency” on Monday, is doing much better, according to the Calgary Sun.

Karen MacLean, Brett’s mother, said that her son began to walk on Friday. However, he has no memory of collapsing on the ice.

“I think he’s really in shock,” Karen said. “When he woke up he had no recollection of how he got here, and so I think he’s still trying to digest what exactly did happen, how significant it was, and obviously for what his future holds.”

After Brett collapsed, two players, Jason Gallagher and Jason Silverthorn performed CPR while a firefighter in the stands, Jay Forslund phoned 911 and got the portable defibrillator machine.

“We’re eternally grateful to them,” Karen said. “Jason (Gallagher) was just here and we were able to thank him, but thanking them really doesn’t do it justice. We can’t express how grateful we are for everything they did.”

Brett played in five games with the Winnipeg Jets before he was placed on waivers and claimed by the team that originally drafted him in 2007, the Phoenix Coyotes. He also had 25 goals and 48 points in 63 AHL games with the Portland Pirates.

Brett MacLean “conscious and speaking” after cardiac emergency


David Shoalts passes along some good news on Phoenix Coyotes forward Brett MacLean: his condition is improving after a cardiac emergency on Monday. In fact, his agent Anton Thun said he was “conscious and speaking” on Wednesday.

“He’s conscious and he’s speaking,” Thun said. “They anticipate taking him out of intensive care [tonight] and running tests to determine why he collapsed.”

It’s great to hear that MacLean’s showing improvement, but identifying the cause for the problem will be key if he hopes to resume his hockey career at some point. That remains to be seen, but this is good news overall.

Update: Brett MacLean in stable condition after “cardiac emergency”


Nick Kypreos provides a promising update on a scary situation: Phoenix Coyotes forward Brett MacLean is reportedly in stable condition after dealing with a “cardiac emergency” on Monday.

Here’s the full Tweet:

#Coyotes‬ Brett MacLean is in stable condition and remains in I.C.U. He will undergo further tests to determine cause of his collapse.

It’s still a scary situation, but it’s nice to hear that MacLean’s condition improved. Time will tell if he can continue his NHL career once the cause of his health issues is discovered.

Coyotes forward Brett MacLean suffered “cardiac emergency” on Monday night


Scary stuff from the Phoenix Coyotes: forward Brett MacLean experienced a “cardiac emergency” while playing hockey in Owen Sound, Ontario on Monday night. Here are the full details from Coyotes GM Don Maloney via the Coyotes’ press release:

“Brett was playing hockey last night in Owen Sound, Ontario when he suffered a medical emergency,” Maloney said.. “Brett received CPR on site and was taken to a local hospital by ambulance where he was treated. He was then transported via an air ambulance to Knight University Hospital in London, Ontario where he was admitted to the cardiac ICU. Our thoughts and prayers are with Brett and his family. We request that everyone please respect their privacy at this time. We will provide an update on Brett’s status when information is available.”

We’ll keep an eye out for updates on MacLean’s condition.