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Chuck Fletcher to Wild veterans: It’s all your fault


Things are awfully frustrating in Minnesota these days and Wild GM Chuck Fletcher is getting sick of seeing the losses pile up.

Fletcher got on his soap box and tore into the team he’s put together and is handing out some blame. Well, not some blame, a lot of it and he’s directing it towards the veteran players on the roster.

Ben Goessling of the St. Paul Pioneer Press gets the tirade from one angry man who says there’s “12 or 15 players not going hard.” Is a shake up on the horizon?

“If we can do something externally, great,” Fletcher said. “But we’ve got to be much better. And we have been much better. You don’t win 17 out of 20 games due to luck. Obviously, we’ve played well this year, and we’ve had success playing a certain way. So we know we can do it. The question is, how do we get back to doing it?”

One way to do it is to score more goals and the Wild have struggled at that especially with Pierre-Marc Bouchard and Guillaume Latendresse both out of the lineup with concussion-related issues. While Fletcher needs to add some scoring, guys like Dany Heatley, Devin Setoguchi, and Mikko Koivu could use a spark in their game.

The Wild need that spark soon because after a stretch that’s seen them go 2-9-3 they’re on the verge of being irrelevant in the Western playoff hunt.

David Krejci doesn’t like being blamed for hurting Sidney Crosby


David Krejci isn’t a big fan of being blamed for freak occurrences.

Such is the case for the Bruins star center when it comes to Sidney Crosby’s latest absence from action. Crosby is out indefinitely as he deals with “concussion-like” symptoms following their game last week.

Crosby singled out catching an accidental elbow from Krejci as the reason why he’s been sidelined and Krejci tells’s Joe Haggerty that he feels horrible about it.

“It kind of sucks that people want to blame me [for Crosby’s concussion],” Krejci said. “It wasn’t intentional. Anyone that watches the replay knows that it was just bad luck. If you watch the video you know I didn’t do anything wrong.”

The video shows pretty clearly that Krejci didn’t do anything wrong and that it was the sort of thing that could happen to any player at any time in any game. If nothing else it shows how quickly things can go wrong for a player coming back from a concussion.

That kind of logical approach won’t fly for some fans who are eager to call out Krejci for knocking out the league’s best player. No one ever said all fans were levelheaded, but in this case cutting Krejci some slack would make a world of sense.