Paul Holmgren sure likes dealing with the Kings


Sometimes teams can fall into a good relationship with each other. The Sharks and Wild made a few deals this summer and now Flyers GM Paul Holmgren must be getting jealous of that partnership because he’s made another deal with Los Angeles.

It’s not a blockbuster as he gives up low-level prospect Stefan Legein and a sixth round pick to the Kings for future considerations, but after the summer both Holmgren and Kings GM Dean Lombardi had stunning the world, why not stay in that comfort zone?

The facts here in this case are simple.  The Flyers are happy to be rid of another contract as they were at the 50 contract limit. Now they’ve got a spot opened up and it’s likely we’ll see Sean Couturier stick around the length of the season now because of it. Of course, the Flyers might have to make a salary cap move there to make that happen as well, so Holmgren may not be done.

If the Kings and Flyers want to get on the same level as the Sharks and Wild for curious transaction friendship, they’re going to need to make another blockbuster deal to make it all work out on the same level. It’s too bad the Flyers don’t need a goalie anymore, the Kings have a really good young one that a monster deal could’ve been worked out around. Maybe next time.

Blair Betts’ return to Philly affects more than their salary cap situation


Blair Betts being returned to the Philadelphia Flyers is causing GM Paul Holmgren some headaches to deal with that he was hoping to get rid of by waiving him in the first place. With the Flyers being so close to the salary cap, the first thing Betts’ return does is put the Flyers over the cap.

The Flyers can solve that problem quickly by putting Ian Laperriere on long term injured reserve and getting his $1.167 million contract off the books. That much salary would be enough to get the Flyers back under the cap and it’s expected to be the move to come.

Of course, things aren’t quite that easy for Philly. Rookie Sean Couturier has started off his season looking like he fits right into the mix. His entry-level salary cap hit of $1.375 million only counts against the Flyers’ payroll if he stays in Philly for the season. The Flyers will have until after their ninth game of the season on October 26 against Montreal to figure that out.

If Couturier stays, the Flyers will have to make a move or two to get under the cap. Making things more awkward is that Betts’ contract is the 50th deal for the organization. NHL teams are limited to having just 50 contracts and staying at that 50 contract limit obviously makes things uncomfortable for GMs. Getting that flexibility to add a player is one most GMs prefer to have.

Paul Holmgren’s work to fix up the Flyers this offseason has been more than worthy of attention, but he’s got more work to do now.