2011 Winter Classic

NHL reports best-ever business for 2010-11, estimates $2.9B in revenue

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The NHL reports that it's on pace for $2.9 billion in revenue by the end of the 2011 playoffs, a record-breaking season for league-wide revenue. [more]

Video: Mike Milbury answers your questions in Ask The Expert

In this week's edition of "Ask The Expert" Mike Milbury answers your questions concerning the Flyers, the Winter Classic, and hits to the head. [more]

Winter Classic rematch set for NBC’s Game of the Week on Super Bowl Sunday

You saw them on HBO's 24/7, you saw them at the 2011 Winter Classic, and now you'll see them on Super Bowl Sunday at 12:30 ET on NBC's Game of the Week. It's the Capitals and Penguins in Washington, D.C. to get your day full of sports kicked off the right way. [more]

2011 Winter Classic most watched regular season game in 36 years


Rain delays pushed the 2011 Winter Classic into primetime. Yet instead of seeing ratings issues, the event proved that outdoor hockey can work during the night time too with some great numbers. [more]