2011 NHL Research Development and Orientation Camp

How shallow nets worked in their test run in Toronto-Ottawa preseason game

Shallow nets are a potential change coming to the NHL, and we got our first look at them during last night's Leafs-Senators game. So how did they work? We're diggin' them. [more]

Brendan Shanahan says removing goalie trapezoid wouldn’t make a big difference


Many people in the hockey world find the goalie trapezoid to be a silly post-lockout rule change, but Brendan Shanahan didn't notice a big difference when it was removed during the 2011 NHL Research, Development and Orientation Camp. [more]

NHL GMs thoughts on potential icing changes and why hybrid icing is a good thing

One change the NHL's general managers aren't too keen on is changing the rules on how icing is called. Let us tell you why hybrid icing is the way of the future. [more]

NHL’s first big change from Camp Shanny could be to the nets


The first change to come out of the 2011 NHL Research Development and Orientation Camp could be to cut down on the depth of the netting and to add a verification line to help replays. [more]

Oren Koules contemplates future NHL ownership while son participates in Research and Development Camp

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Former Tampa Bay owner Oren Koules was in Toronto for the Research Development and Orientation in support of his son Miles Koules; but it sounds like he may have had another reason for being at the camp as well. [more]