Pass or Fail: Lightning, Predators jerseys for 2022 Stadium Series

Pass or Fail: Lightning, Predators jerseys for 2022 Stadium Series
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The Nashville Predators and Tampa Bay Lightning revealed their jerseys for the 2022 Stadium Series on Thursday. Undoubtedly to everyone’s utter shock, people had opinions.

Generally, people seemed to like the Lightning’s jerseys, while some found the Predators’ “Smashville” look less appealing.

To refresh your memory, the 2022 Stadium Series pits the Lightning vs. the Predators at Nissan Stadium (home of the NFL’s Titans) on Feb. 26.

Lightning, Predators reveal 2022 Stadium Series jerseys

Alex Killorn got back on his jet ski to hype up the Lightning’s 2022 Stadium Series jerseys. Rob Gronkowski was involved. Your mileage: will vary.

Most prefer the all-angles views of these sweaters, and the Lightning obliged:

Unsolicited takes: mostly cool, the 2022 Stadium Series logo itself is sleek, and my only issue is I’m iffy about the bolt coming from the s. (Though it’s a win for theming.)

Meanwhile, the Predators asked Pekka Rinne to do the 2022 Stadium Series jersey unveiling honors. It wasn’t too stilted.

Again, people didn’t love the Predators’ “Smashville” Stadium Series jerseys. Judge for yourself if they pass or fail by viewing them from multiple angles:

My feeling? They’re sort of … almost there? Barbecue grub that maybe needed an extra hour or two in the smoker?

Do tell, though. Pass or fail for one, both, or all?

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