NHL Horoscopes Week 16: A Scorpio full moon, and it’s pink

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Monday night featured a full — PINK! — moon in Scorpio. That’s some sort of an omen just a couple of weeks before the playoffs.

There’s also now a Cancer Mars in play for a fun little emotional combo, as a treat. Combined with the Taurus sun season, the stars project a lot of feelings for these next few weeks.

Stat Leaders

Connor McDavid: 81 points, 53 assists (Capricorn)
Auston Matthews: 34 goals (Virgo)
Max Domi 69 PIM (Pisces)
Andrei Vasilevskiy: .928 Save % (Cancer)


• Boston Bruins: Highest concentration in Taurus

Scorpio Taylor Hall has continued to impress in his Bruins stint.

Horoscope: The Bruins lost their first two games since the trade deadline. The full moon is supposed to indicate change for the fixed signs, but just what kind of a change will it be?

Do: Offense Don’t: Overthink goalies

• Buffalo Sabres: Highest concentration in Sagittarius

Aries Rasmus Dahlin has had a nice finish.

Horoscope: The Sabres were the first NHL team to be mathematically eliminated.

Do: Actual momentum? Don’t: Slide to finish the season.

• Washington Capitals: Highest concentration in Taurus/Virgo

Virgo Anthony Mantha has contributed since being added at the trade deadline.

Horoscope: The Capitals continue to win the games they’re supposed to and even have a game in hand. Taurus season can end well for them.

Do: Goaltending Don’t: Fall into fourth

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• New York Rangers: Highest concentration in Aquarius

Aquarius Adam Fox continues to impress.

Horoscope: Well, they are only four points behind a playoff spot.

Do: Adam Fox Norris run Don’t: Falling flat

• New York Islanders: Highest concentration in Aquarius

The Isles offense has come around a bit.

Horoscope: Pittsburgh surging isn’t the Islanders fault, but the Aquarius Isles haven’t helped themselves much lately, either.

Do: Offense Don’t: Finish with a lower seed

• New Jersey Devils: Highest concentration in Scorpio/Sagittarius

It’s not good.

Horoscope: The Scorpio moon hasn’t been ideal for Scorpios so far so maybe that’s why they’ve lost nine in a row.

Do: Any wins Don’t: This

• Philadelphia Flyers: Highest concentration in Taurus

Leo goalie Carter Hart needs to finish strong.

Horoscope: Taurus season has not been a big help.

Do: Finish with good vibes Don’t: Bad taste into offseason

• Pittsburgh Penguins: Highest concentration in Leo/Taurus

Taurus goalie Tristan Jarry returning to the lineup has been huge for the rising Penguins.

Horoscope: Fixed signs are going to have a strong reaction to this Scorpio full moon, so that’s great news or terrible for the Penguins.

Do: Defense Don’t: Struggle on the road

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• Detroit Red Wings: Highest concentration in Aquarius

Pisces Jakub Vrana has had a nice turnaround in Detroit.

Horoscope: They aren’t the worst team in the league, who can ask for more?

Do: Develop the power play Don’t: Undo the work in the offseason

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• Tampa Bay Lightning: Highest concentration in Gemini

Gemini Nikita Kucherov still looms large.

Horoscope: They’re going to get everyone back for the playoffs, just like any two-faced Gemini.

Do: Take advantage Don’t: Top players slump

• Florida Panthers: Highest concentration in Virgo

Taurus goalie Spencer Knight got off to a good start.

Horoscope: At some point, the Panthers performance isn’t a surprise anymore. This is who they are, regardless of anything else.

Do: Playoff surge Don’t: Defensive issues

Carolina Hurricanes: Highest concentration in Cancer/Aries

Capricorn goalie Alex Nedeljkovic seems like the real deal.

Horoscope: The Hurricanes have gotten even stronger since adding an Aries concentration.

Do: Depth Don’t: Overthink

• Nashville Predators: Highest concentration in Gemini

They’re still in a good playoff position.

Horoscope: It’s not their fault the Stars have games in hand, but the will-they-won’t-they element of the Preds season is big Gemini vibes as it is.

Do: Control what you can control Don’t: Collapse

• Dallas Stars: Highest concentration in Gemini and Cancer

What a season for Cancer Joe Pavelski.

Horoscope: The Stars have been the clear frontrunner to take that fourth seed in the Central for a bit now since they’ve taken their destiny into their own hands.

Do: Good vibes Don’t: Falter

• Chicago Blackhawks: Heaviest concentration in Aries

There are some positives to take from this season for Chicago.

Horoscope: No one expected them to make a playoff run anyways, so good on the fiery Aries Blackhawks making it a race.

Do: Good energy for the offseason Don’t: Fret

• Columbus Blue Jackets: Heaviest concentration in Cancer

Counting the days for this season to be over in Ohio.

Horoscope: Only a few games left!

Do: Idk Don’t: Keep this bad energy next year

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• Minnesota Wild: Highest concentration in Virgo and Cancer

Taurus Kirill Kaprizov is the favorite for the Calder still.

Horoscope: The Wild clinched a playoff seed this week, which is wild.

Do: Compete with top teams Don’t: Stress

• St. Louis Blues: Highest concentration in Cancer and Aries

The Blues are lucky to have their games in hand.

Horoscope: Since Arizona has lost eight of their last 10, the Blues have gotten exceptionally lucky to be here at all.

Do: Luck Don’t: Neglect scoring issues

• Arizona Coyotes: Highest concentration in Leo

Certainly not the time to lose five games in a row.

Horoscope: This moon could have a major effect on Leos, so the Coyotes better hope its one that doesn’t give them a massive slump out of a playoff spot.

Do: Win some games in a row Don’t: Throw away a playoff chance x2

• San Jose Sharks: Highest concentration in Aries

Virgo Patrick Marleau earned the league’s first star this week.

Horoscope: San Jose is just five points out of a playoff spot but it still feels like too much.

Do: Competitive finish Don’t: Blow up any good energy

• Vegas Golden Knights: Highest concentration in Leo

Sagittarius goalie Marc-Andre Fleury keeps playing elite hockey.

Horoscope: This Scorpio moon would impact the Leo Golden Knights but they truly seem all set.

Do: Elite play Don’t: Too hot too soon

• Anaheim Ducks: Heaviest concentration in Aquarius

They’ve lost five in a row.

Horoscope: Not a good season all around for the Ducks but luckily it’s over soon.

Do: See what you have in young talent Don’t: Limp to the finish

• Los Angeles Kings: Highest concentration in Libra

Virgo Anze Kopitar has been one positive.

Horoscope: Games in hand might help them but it’s likely too late for these Libras.

Do: Goal differential Don’t: Road struggles

• Colorado Avalanche: Highest concentration in Scorpio 

Scorpio Mikko Rantanen is still missing from the lineup.

Horoscope: The idea of the Avalanche getting any extra help from something like a full moon is downright scary.

Do: Defensive pace Don’t: Lose winnable games

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• Vancouver Canucks: Heaviest concentration in Cancer and Libra

Vancouver has been pretty sharp in its return.

Horoscope: They played pretty well against the Leafs especially given they have to play out this Covid season.

Do: Be safe Don’t: Too much

• Calgary Flames: Heaviest concentration in Pisces

Montreal’s inability to close things out has kept the Flames alive.

Horoscope: Calgary is 5-5 in its last 10 and hasn’t done much to gain ground. This full moon doesn’t project to help them either.

Do: Think ahead Don’t: Lose winnable games

Edmonton Oilers: Heaviest concentration in Cancer and Libra

Capricorn Connor McDavid keeps leading the way.

Horoscope: Edmonton has kept pace ahead of Winnipeg thanks to big outings like what McDavid did on Monday night.

Do: Stay ahead Don’t: Big slump

• Winnipeg Jets: Heaviest concentration in Aries

Taurus goalie Connor Hellebuyck needs to lead the way.

Horoscope: The big week for the Jets did not go well. They lost two to the Leafs and blown out by the Oilers. Not what they need right now.

Do: Get on track Don’t: Defensive woes x2

• Ottawa Senators: Heaviest concentration in Pisces

Four teams have a worst record than Ottawa. That’s rather surprising.

Horoscope: Playing spoiler in a big playoff race is the most fun a Pisces team can have, probably.

Do: Create mayhem Don’t: Goalie issues

• Montreal Canadiens: Heaviest concentration in Leo and Taurus

Capricorn Cole Caufield made his NHL debut this week.

Horoscope: Montreal has continued to tread water. Maybe the moon this week gives them the spark to pull away in the playoff race.

Do: Health Don’t: Falter to a weak Calgary team

• Toronto Maple Leafs: Heaviest concentration in Gemini

Virgo Auston Matthews has kept pace with the most goals in the league.

Horoscope: Have to give them credit, they keep taking care of the business they have to.

Do: Keep beating lower teams Don’t: Think too far ahead

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