NHL Horoscopes Week 11: Venus joins the sun in Aries

Aries season has been as frenetic as expected. For one Aries club (Winnipeg) that’s been good news; not so much for the others. Now that Venus moves into Aries this week as well, and Mercury is still on its Pisces path, expect some more — stop me if you’ve heard this one before — chaos.

The Gemini Mars, plagued with indecision and a lack of focus, has been brutal for a lot of Gemini-leaning clubs, in particular, Toronto. There’s still time to get back on track leading into trade szn.

Stat Leaders

Connor McDavid: 60 points, 39 assists (Capricorn)
Auston Matthews: 21 goals (Virgo)
Trent Frederic: 53 PIM (Aquarius)
Andrei Vasilevskiy: .933 Save % (Cancer)


• Boston Bruins: Highest concentration in Taurus

They’re dealing with Covid so it might be a while.

Horoscope: Regardless of what the cosmos say the Bruins need to chill for a bit and focus on recovering. 

Do: Safety Don’t: Spread Covid

• Buffalo Sabres: Highest concentration in Sagittarius

Virgo Ralph Krueger is out.

Horoscope: This week’s first quarter moon was supposed to have an impact but this is still the Sabres.

Do: Win a game maybe Don’t: Idk, this

• Washington Capitals: Highest concentration in Taurus

They’ve won 11 of 13 but consistent goaltending would make a huge difference.

Horoscope: The Caps have played pretty well as we get to a slower Taurus period while Aries asserts its dominance.

Do: Goaltending Don’t: Make weird memes about suspended players

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• New York Rangers: Highest concentration in Aquarius

Aries Mika Zibanejad has finally come alive.

Horoscope: Perhaps the end of Aquarius season was just what the Rangers offense needed. Happy Aries season to Ziganejad.

Do: Zibanejad Don’t: Rely on rookies too much

• New York Islanders: Highest concentration in Aquarius

Cancer Anders Lee missing the rest of the season will hurt.

Horoscope: Saturn and Jupiter are still in the air sign, but the age of Aquarius is at an end. It appears it’s worked for them, too, winning eight of their last 10 games.

Do: Offense Don’t: Get comfortable

• New Jersey Devils: Highest concentration in Scorpio

Taurus Jack Hughes is showing some real development.

Horoscope: Another week where the stars leave the Devils primarily on their own.

Do: Mackenzie Blackwood x2 Don’t: Discourage the young guys

• Philadelphia Flyers: Highest concentration in Taurus

I mean, it’s not great.

Horoscope: A week with a 9-0 loss in the middle of it is generally not the vibe you’re aiming for.

Do: Ok maybe it is time to do something in net Don’t: Lose 9-0

• Pittsburgh Penguins: Highest concentration in Leo/Taurus

Leo Evgeni Malkin missing time is a huge blow to the Penguins.

Horoscope: A Leo moon early this week promises a generous time. Maybe they light up a scoresheet a bit here.

Do: Top offense Don’t: Ignore defensive issues x2

NHL Horoscopes
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• Detroit Red Wings: Highest concentration in Aquarius

Aquarius Robby Fabbri has done real well since joining the Red Wings

Horoscope: The Red Wings don’t have anything positive going on in the stars or on the ice.

Do: Fix that scoring margin Don’t: Forget the power play

• Tampa Bay Lightning: Highest concentration in Gemini

To think, Gemini Nikita Kucherov hasn’t even played yet.

Horoscope: Gemini Mars marks a new phase coming soon. For the Lightning, might that have to do with Kucherov?

Do: Keep circumventing that salary cap! Don’t: Haters

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• Florida Panthers:  Highest concentration in Virgo

Virgo Aleksander Barkov is having a Selke like season.

Horoscope: The Virgo moon on Thursday is all about balance. For the Panthers does that mean status quo this season or their history? There’s a difference.

Do: Barkov szn Don’t: Drop off

Carolina Hurricanes: Highest concentration in Cancer

*Vine voice* Honey you’ve got a big storm comin’.

Horoscope: The moon in Cancer early this week seeks stability, and the Hurricanes have stabilized themselves as one of the best teams in the league.

Do: Goalies Don’t: Fall off in road success

• Nashville Predators: Highest concentration in Gemini

Rebuild szn.

Horoscope: The Gemini moon literally encourages rebuilding, start it over folks.

Do: Rebuild! Don’t: Not rebuild!

• Dallas Stars: Highest concentration in Gemini and Cancer

This group is real frustrating.

Horoscope: What do we make of the Stars? They have four more points than the Red Wings so it’s not good.

Do: Jake Oettinger show Don’t: Whatever this season has been

• Chicago Blackhawks: Heaviest concentration in Aries

The Blackhawks are finally hitting that mid-season slide.

Horoscope: It looked like the Hawks may have overcome their doubters but now they’ve won just three of their last 10 games, that’s not very Aries of them.

Do: Get on track Don’t: Falter late

• Columbus Blue Jackets: Heaviest concentration in Cancer

It’s kind of wild but they are in the playoff picture here.

Horoscope: This moon transit encourages Cancers to stop overthinking, but is that possible in Columbus?

Do: Settle down Don’t: Ignore rough goal differential

NHL Horoscopes
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• Minnesota Wild: Highest concentration in Virgo and Cancer

Leo Matt Dumba is hurt and they have to hope it’s not too serious.

Horoscope: The Wild have lost just three times at home all season. Feels like the Wild are just going to continue to straight up vibe.

Do: Home success Don’t: Become boring, please, this is so fun

• St. Louis Blues: Highest concentration in Cancer and Aries

Imagine when they get fully healthy.

Horoscope: It’s Aries season so it’s time for the Blues, who have been steady, to break out and become the beast they should be.

Do: Health Don’t: Slump

• Arizona Coyotes: Highest concentration in Leo

Maybe they should start making some trades.

Horoscope: Leos haven’t had a ton going on, but this moon period will be nice for a Coyotes team looking to start something, anything.

Do: Consistency Don’t: Keep losing at home

• San Jose Sharks: Highest concentration in Aries

Aries season has not saved the Sharks.

Horoscope: Last week we asked, can Aries season save the Sharks? The answer is no!

Do: Move along Don’t: This whole season, these past two seasons.

• Vegas Golden Knights: Highest concentration in Leo

Sagittarius Marc-Andre Fleury keeps rolling along.

Horoscope: The Golden Knights continue to roll along, nothing is stopping them.

Do: Fleury in net Don’t: Get away from best players

• Anaheim Ducks: Heaviest concentration in Aquarius

Aries Trevor Zegras is sure enjoying Aries season.

Horoscope: Getting out of the Aquarius cycle has, believe or not, not helped the Ducks.

Do: Believe in the kids Don’t: Hold onto bad contracts

• Los Angeles Kings: Highest concentration in Libra

Libra Cal Petersen has been a godsend to the Kings.

Horoscope: There’s a Libra moon at the end of the week but the Kings have already dropped off pretty significantly.

Do: Peterson Don’t: Olds

• Colorado Avalanche: Highest concentration in Scorpio 

Virgo Nathan MacKinnon continues to be great, surprise.

Horoscope: There’s not much going on for Scorpios but do the Avs really need help, honestly.

Do: Stay healthy Don’t: Overreact to anything

NHL Horoscopes
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• Vancouver Canucks: Heaviest concentration in Cancer and Libra

Sagittarius goalie Thatcher Demko is keeping them alive, somehow.

Horoscope: The games in hand are gonna be a killer.

Do: Keep winning when you can Don’t: Get away from Demko

• Calgary Flames: Heaviest concentration in Pisces

The (Leo) Darryl Sutter era (x2), everyone!

Horoscope: Maybe Pisces Mercury season will go better than Pisces sun season did.

Do: Get better on the road Don’t: Keep falling

Edmonton Oilers: Heaviest concentration in Cancer and Libra

Capricorn Connor McDavid continues to roll.

Horoscope: When they’re not playing the Maple Leafs, the Oilers are pretty good all on their own.

Do: Top players etc Don’t: Focus too hard on the Leafs

• Winnipeg Jets: Heaviest concentration in Aries

The Jets have a real opportunity here, but they can’t go cold.

Horoscope: Winnipeg has cemented itself as a playoff contender. This Aries cycle can only help with that.

Do: Dubois season Don’t: Ignore defense’s ability to fall aaprt

• Ottawa Senators: Heaviest concentration in Pisces

Capricorn Tim Stützle is still pretty awesome.

Horoscope: Pisces season is over, but sickos season is here.

Do: Yes haha yes Don’t: They’ve given up 131 goals so try to stop that.

• Montreal Canadiens: Heaviest concentration in Leo and Taurus

Leo Jake Allen has been pretty good, at least.

Horoscope: The Habs are certainly still in it, even if they only lead the Canucks by five points. Games in hand might save them.

Do: Keep an edge Don’t: Panic

• Toronto Maple Leafs: Heaviest concentration in Gemini

Suddenly, they’ve lost six of their last eight.

Horoscope: The Leafs have had a bad run here during a Gemini Mars where everything can get pretty disjointed. Luckily for them, they’re pretty established at the top of the North anyways.

Do: One game at a time Don’t: Dramatic slump

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