Our Line Starts podcast: Dubois-Laine trade; Canadiens stay hot

Liam McHugh, Patrick Sharp, and Keith Jones break down the Pierre-Luc Dubois for Patrik Laine trade and how the division odds have shifted in favor of both teams on PointsBet. They discuss Montreal’s impressive start in the North Division and if it is sustainable. Plus, Sharp relives his first career NHL hat trick.

Start-17:35 – Breakdown of the Dubois-Laine trade
17:35-23:20 – Pointsbet odds for Jets, Blue Jackets after the trade
23:20-26:55 – Are the Canadiens for real?
26:55-29:15 – Are the Oilers good enough to make the playoffs?
29:15-End – Pius Suter‘s hat trick has Sharp headed down memory lane

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