NHL Weekly Horoscopes: Week 1 a time of change, excitement

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Like a clock tells time, astrology tells our cosmic future. Often misunderstood or written off as pseudo-science, the stars have a way of charting our possible futures.

We’ll be making some horoscopes for the NHL teams each week and see how their chemistry on the ice and in the stars might project their future. Think Co-Star meets hockey.


• Boston Bruins: Highest concentration in Taurus

Losing Zdeno Chara takes a Pisces out of the equation, where they’ve had a lot of leadership. Leo Patrice Bergeron was recently named the new captain.

Horoscope: After a sluggish six months, Mars moved into its home Taurus on Wednesday. Expect a power surge through March 3. 

Do: Line consistency Don’t: Overextend young defenders

• Buffalo Sabres: Highest concentration in Sagittarius

The Sabres have had a rough start to training camp with Jack Eichel and Zemgus Girgensons suffering injuries.

Horoscope: Use the upcoming Venus-Mars trine as an opportunity to feel united with a roster that already exudes chemistry.

Do: Experiment Don’t: Over-analyze short-term

• Washington Capitals: Highest concentration in Taurus

The Capitals made one of the biggest splashes of the offseason adding Pisces Zdeno Chara.

Horoscope: Mars returning to Taurus will have a stabilizing effect on what would be an otherwise restless period, making planning for the future an important strategy. The secondary placement in Virgo adds some more stability.

Do: Make plans Don’t: Rush to judgement

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• New York Rangers: Highest concentration in Aquarius

Capricorn Igor Shesterkin has looked sharp in net throughout camp.

Horoscope: As Venus prepares to move into Capricorn, don’t get too caught up in the fantasy of it all. Be realistic.

Do: Encourage practicality Don’t: Get cocky

• New York Islanders: Highest concentration in Aquarius

Gemini Mat Barzal is back with the Islanders after signing a three-year deal earlier in the week.

Horoscope: Keep your wits when making important decisions.

Do: Be decisive Don’t: Meander

• New Jersey Devils: Highest concentration in Scorpio

Gemini Sami Vatanen re-signed with the Devils late last week.

Horoscope: Venus leaves Sagittarius this week and into Capricorn, which could give Scorpio more time to play around. Focus on connections.

Do: Create defensive chemistry Don’t: Focus on the individual

• Philadelphia Flyers: Highest concentration in Taurus

Virgo Nolan Patrick has been practicing after dealing with migraines last season.

Horoscope: The Flyers represent chaos, Taurus represents stability. Lean into it.

Do: Priotize health Don’t: Let chaos stray

• Pittsburgh Penguins: Highest concentration in Leo/Taurus

The Penguins are seeking a solid start following a disappointing ending.

Horoscope: Mars entered the Leo tenth house of career ambition last week, which is the first time it’s had that placement in two years. This could be a good two months for pursuing goals.

Do: Hot starts Don’t: Flame out

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• Detroit Red Wings: Highest concentration in Aquarius

Leo Mathias Brome has been a standout in camp over the past week.

Horoscope: Mercury joined Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on Friday until March 15, a period that creates attention towards Aquarius. It’s time to be selective of who is invited in.

Do: Reward those who shine Don’t: React quickly to short-term failure

• Tampa Bay Lightning: Highest concentration in Gemini

All eyes are on the defending champions as they enter their season with out their leading scorer, Gemini Nikita Kucherov.

Horoscope: A Leo-Aquarius secondary placement is constantly tense, yet explosive. Aquarius entering Mercury is a good time to create some conversation and partnerships (perhaps like the AHL agreement with the Panthers).

Do: Communicate Don’t: Hold back

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• Florida Panthers:  Highest concentration in Virgo

Capricorn Scott Darling just signed a PTO with the Panthers.

Horoscope: Mars in Taurus and Mercury in Aquarius tells a story of a team with a need to plan long-term.

Do: Be cautious Don’t: Escalate

Carolina Hurricanes: Highest concentration in Cancer

The Hurricanes enter the season as a favorite for a playoff position.

Horoscope: The Mars shift should have Cancers set in low-key. This could mean a calm start without much controversy.

Do: What works Don’t: Overthink it

• Nashville Predators: Highest concentration in Gemini

Last week they signed Sagittarius Luke Kunin.

Horoscope: Restless Mercury headed into Aquarius last Friday, which falls into the Gemini house for travel and adventure. Perhaps something big happens on the road.

Do: Explore Don’t: Be irresponsible

• Dallas Stars: Highest concentration in Gemini and Cancer

Sagittarius Jake Oettinger has shown positive signs at camp while Gemini Anton Khudobin dealt with visa issues.

Horoscope: Venus entering Capricorn is a time of commitment for Geminis. An extension could be on its way.

Do: Trust Don’t: Stray from what’s worked in the past

• Chicago Blackhawks: Heaviest concentration in Aries

The goalie battle bears watching heading into the season.

Horoscope: Mars sitting in Aries means change for Aries, which the Blackhawks roster has been through. Its departure means Aries will be placed in situations involving a lot of teamwork and collaboration.

Do: Work on chemistry Don’t: Be stubborn

• Columbus Blue Jackets: Heaviest concentration in Cancer

Aries Oliver Bjorkstrand signed a five-year extension with the Blue Jackets last week.

Horoscope: Mercury in Aquarius projects travel luck for Cancers, and the Blue Jackets will have a light-mileage start to their season. Division realignment gives restful opportunity.

Do: Use extra adrenaline to advantage Don’t: Get complacent

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• Minnesota Wild: Highest concentration in Virgo and Cancer

Taurus rookie Kirill Kaprizov has dazzled in training camp.

Horoscope: An underlying of Taurus on the roster as well would give the impression of a grounded start to the season.

Do: Exude passion Don’t: Burn out

• St. Louis Blues: Highest concentration in Cancer and Aries

The late addition of Sagittarius Mike Hoffman should add an offensive spark.

Horoscope: The next eight weeks are a time of reunion for Aries as Mars enters Taurus. Watch for intense passion and enthusiasm.

Do: Fire away Don’t: Too much too soon

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• Arizona Coyotes: Highest concentration in Leo

Newcomer Derick Brassard, a Libra, is off to a hot start at camp.

Horoscope: Venus entering Capricorn is a transit that can generate intense energy for Leos. Look for a hot start to the season.

Do: Focus on chemistry Don’t: Be impatient

• San Jose Sharks: Highest concentration in Aries

Taurus Devan Dubnyk looks to be the Sharks answer in net.

Horoscope: The Mercury transit is longer than usual and all about long-term goals. Focus on the plan.

Do: Young guns Don’t: Overreact

• Vegas Golden Knights: Highest concentration in Leo

Capricorn Alex Pietrangelo is preparing for a big role in his first season with the Golden Knights.

Horoscope: Venus entering Capricorn is a good team for healing for Leos. Early success could put to rest any old negative feelings.

Do: Move forward Don’t: Repeat history

• Anaheim Ducks: Heaviest concentration in Aquarius

Watch for Aries prospect Trevor Zegras in the future following his big World Juniors showing.

Horoscope: Don’t fall in love with the unknown too much during this Venus shift. Trust your gut.

Do: Explore new possibilities Don’t: Be reactive

• Los Angeles Kings: Highest concentration in Libra

Leo newcomer Andreas Athanasiou should be an offensive sparkplug.

Horoscope: The longer Mercury transit leaves the Libra-extreme tendency to overindulge and into a more balanced perspective. The only caveat is to make sure intensity doesn’t swing into stress.

Do: Focus on the task at hand Don’t: Panic

• Colorado Avalanche: Highest concentration in Scorpio 

Gemini youngster Bo Byram hasn’t joined the Avs quite yet, but projects to earn a spot at age 19.

Horoscope: Scorpio’s attract Tauruses, and with Mars moving into Taurus it might be time to make a move for a grounding.

Do: Examine Don’t: Make excuses

• Detroit Red Wings: Highest concentration in Aquarius

Leo Mathias Brome has been a standout in camp over the past week.

Horoscope: Mercury joined Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on Friday until March 15, a period that creates attention towards Aquarius. It’s time to be selective of who is invited in.

Do: Reward those who shine Don’t: React quickly to short-term failure

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• Vancouver Canucks: Heaviest concentration in Cancer and Libra

Sagittarius Nils Hoglander has surged throughout training camp.

Horoscope: The current Mercury placement screams for Taurus’ to invest in their own future. That could mean give young, homegrown talent early opportunities.

Do: Trust your own development Don’t: Waste time

• Calgary Flames: Heaviest concentration in Pisces

Calgary is a sleeper pick to have success in a North Division lacking predictability in the middle.

Horoscope: As Mars enters the third house with Jupiter and Uranus at the end of the month, the Aquarius-adjacent Pisces could face overwhelming communication, which could mean big news.

Do: Go for it Don’t: Fall into old habits

Edmonton Oilers: Heaviest concentration in Cancer Libra

Leo Tyson Barrie is projected to be an impact defender following a disappointing campaign in Toronto.

Horoscope: The recent Mars placement indicates intensity for Libras, who only get this placement once every two years. Following a sleepy Aries period, it’s time to move.

Do: Hot starts Don’t: Rust

• Winnipeg Jets: Heaviest concentration in Aries

Taurus Connor Hellebyuck is coming off of a Vezina season.

Horoscope: The Jets do have some Capricorn undertones. Expect a workman-like start to the season with a touch of Venus-intensity.

Do: Invest Don’t: Hang out to dry

• Ottawa Senators: Heaviest concentration in Pisces

Capricorn rookie Tim Stützle could breakout following an impressive World Juniors.

Horoscope: Focus on building out long-term momentum without getting ahead of yourself. Mars creates plenty of motivation without burning out.

Do: Improve daily Don’t: Bite off more than you can chew

• Montreal Canadiens: Heaviest concentration in Leo and Taurus

Newcomer Taurus Tyler Toffoli looks to make an impact.

Horoscope: This is a big year for Leo and Taurus, both fixed signs in a Saturn Aquarius period. Look for big movement.

Do: Adjust Don’t: Be stagnant

• Toronto Maple Leafs: Heaviest concentration in Gemini

Cancer Joe Thornton has already seen ample minutes in training camp.

Horoscope: A heavier travel schedule than usual will be an adjustment. Geminis might have the opportunity to create their own luck.

Do: Look on the bright side Don’t: Heavy expectations


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