PHT Time Machine: Happy 10th birthday, Boomer

Blue Jackets Boomer

We like to take an occasional look back at some significant moments in NHL history. This is the PHT Time Machine. Today we look back at the greatest NHL mascot of all time — Boomer. The lovable, but short-lived mascot of the Columbus Blue Jackets who unofficially turns 10 years old today. 

Some ideas are just so good that we as a society simply do not deserve them because we have not earned them. They are just too good. This is one of those ideas.

The date: November 24, 2010.

The city: Columbus, Ohio.

The Idea: Boomer.

The situation: The Columbus Blue Jackets are unveiling a new third jersey (the light blue cannon jersey) and decide to introduce a new secondary mascot named Boomer to accompany them.

What is Boomer?

This is Boomer:

At the time, the Blue Jackets described Boomer as such:

Also during the live unveiling, the team introduced a second, kid-friendly mascot, “Boomer,” a cushy cannon character with a friendly face and fluffy moustache. This season, Boomer’s game-night appearances at Nationwide Arena will be reserved specially for those games in which the team wears the Third Jersey. Boomer will make his first start in conjunction with the official on-ice debut of the Third Jersey this Friday.

That is one way to describe it!

The new uniform was the whole purpose of the event. But the mustached, anthropomorphic, phallic-shaped cannon stole the show and became the only talk of the day. As one does.

The intent was noble and fun. The team was playing into the Civil War history of the franchise’s name (Columbus, Ohio was where many of the Union Army’s blue coats were manufactured) and a cannon was a natural fit. Especially given the design of the new uniform that featured a Civil War cannon on the crest, and the in-house cannon that celebrates the team’s goals.

Unfortunately, Boomer was more of punchline than anything else. The team silenced him after just a few weeks.

Boomer’s quiet return

The only appearance we have seen from Boomer since then came back in October when the Blue Jackets randomly snuck him into a random Halloween video that was made for social media.

This season will be the Blue Jackets’ 20th in the NHL. It is the 10th anniversary of Boomer. It seems like a good time to give the people what they want. Do it, Columbus. Give us Boomer.

(Tip of the cap to @NHLHistoryGirl for the Boomer birthday reminder)

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