Pass or Fail: Vegas Golden Knights’ new all-gold third jerseys

Pass or Fail: Vegas Golden Knights' new all-gold third jerseys
via Vegas Golden Knights

With the tagline “Vegas Goes Gold,” the Golden Knights unveiled their new “all-gold” third jerseys on Friday. The Golden Knights tout the “first all-metallic gold jersey in NHL history,” a claim that may never stop furrowing the brow.

(If you want to collect some marketing speak, boy does this press release do that trick.)

So, do Golden Knights’ all-metallic gold third jerseys “develop this new and enhanced dimension of their brand?” And will adidas ever capitalized the “A” in its name? Burning questions linger.

Frankly, initial reactions to the Golden Knights’ new “all-gold” third jerseys were in the toilet. That said, The Athletic’s Jesse Granger claims that they look more “glittery” in person:

And they do seem to “pop” more in this video, even:

Personally, they draw more of a “Meh” than an “Ewww.”

But, as a colorblind person, my vote only counts for so much. What do you think about these new alternate duds? Did they strike gold with the style equivalent to a shrewd expansion draft, or do they grade closer to frankincense and myrrh?

If you dig the jerseys (or want to buy someone an extremely expensive gag gift?), they’re on sale online.

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