Our Line Starts podcast: Hall of Fame reactions, snubs

Liam McHugh, Keith Jones, and Patrick Sharp break down this year’s Hockey Hall of Fame class. Sharp tells a hilarious Jarome Iginla story from their 2009 playoff encounter, while Jones explains how he helped Kevin Lowe to his sixth and final Stanley Cup in 1994. Plus, a conversation on which non-HOF members deserve to be elected the most. The show wraps up with a three-round fantasy draft, as the guys try to build a team to win the Cup in this year’s modified format.

Start-11:08 – Reaction to this year’s HOF class (Holland, Hossa, Iginla, Lowe, St-Pierre, Wilson)
11:10-16:45 – Who should be in the HOF that is not? Mogilny? Alfredsson? Tkachuk?
16:45-End – Fantasy draft for this year’s 24-team playoff tournament

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