Our Line Starts podcast: Evaluating fairness of 24-team NHL playoff

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On the heels of live sports returning over the weekend, Liam McHugh, Keith Jones, and Brian Boucher provide their perspective on those events and what they might expect from hockey games with no fans. With the 24-team playoff appearing to be the frontrunner, the guys debate the pros and cons: is it fair? do Montreal and Chicago deserve to be in? Could this be the gateway to a permanent change to the system? Plus, a reaction to Matt Duchene’s comments about wanting to maintain the integrity of the traditional playoff format.

0-0:45 Intros
0:45-4:30 Live sports are back!
4:30-8:10 What to expect from hockey games with no fans
12:00-21:00 24-team playoff: fair or not?
21:00-24:00 Reaction to Duchene’s comments

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