Mike Eruzione offers inspiration to graduation class


With virtual graduations the norm, one of the engineers of the Miracle on Ice has done his part to congratulate students.

Mike Eruzione, captain of the U.S. hockey team that stunned the Soviet Union in the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics, joined a Zoom call to help celebrate Master’s Degree graduates from the Manhattanville College School of Professional Studies.

“Congratulations to you all on this amazing achievement in this difficult time,” Eruzione said. “Getting your Master’s Degree is quite an achievement, and although we are in a difficult period, you have accomplished something very special.”

Eruzione shared how the 1980 team was facing seemingly insurmountable odds to win, but the players believed in themselves and coach Herb Brooks, and won the gold medal by defeating Finland after taking down the mighty Soviets. He likened it to what people are going through now with the coronavirus pandemic, sacrificing against the odds.

“Eruzione is quite an inspiring speaker and he gave us all a terrific memory,” said Manhattville associated dean Laura Persky. “It was more powerful than I had imagined it would be to have him join our virtual celebration.”