Roundtable: Which classic NHL jerseys should make a comeback?

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The Athletic reported this week that the Avalanche are contemplating bringing back the Quebec Nordiques jerseys. That made us think: Which classic NHL jersey should make a comeback?

Sean Leahy, NHL writer: The Hurricanes have brought back The Whale. The Coyotes held Kachina Nights. It’s time for the Penguins to go old school, “Gin and Juice” style, and let us see the diagonal PITTSBURGH jerseys again.

After winning back-to-back Stanley Cups the Penguins changed their look — which they later returned to full-time in 2016 — to the diagonal black away jersey and the RoboPenguin whites at home. Worn from 1992-1997, the jerseys do harken back to some tough playoff defeats, like the Islanders in 1993 and Panthers in 1996. But during that time you had some memorable seasons from Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Ron Francis, and Larry Murphy.

The Penguins went blue again for the Winter Classic and have reintroduced yellow into their scheme. If you want to get fun, bring back the diagonal blues like they wore when they entered the NHL in 1967.

James O’Brien, NHL writer: As a colorblind person with not just zero style, but basically anti-style, I’m not going to try to flex fashion muscles. Instead, I might be better off going sardonic.

With that in mind, my first instinct was to say “Buffaslug.” After all, the notorious uniform and logo actually ended up selling well. The ‘slug would pour wounds on what made that jersey sell well, though: great, long-suffering Sabres fans.

So, I settled on the most notorious of the already-questionable run of Dallas Stars unis. I’m, of course, talking about the … “Mooterus.” In a remarkable twist of timing, the Stars tweeted about that cursed design this very week:

Let’s be honest. There’s not many nice things you can say about the “Mooterus,” beyond “Haha, that’s funny.”

And that’s good enough for me! At least since the NHL covered so many nostalgia bases in recent years. Though this next entry is a must …

Jake Abrahams, Managing Editor: NHL content: I’ll preface this idea by saying that it is probably proof of why I don’t work in marketing. But here goes:

The San Jose Sharks should hold “Seals Night” one home game per year, to honor the first NHL franchise in the Bay Area.

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Incorporated into the NHL as part of the league’s 1967 expansion from six teams to 12, the California/Oakland/Bay Area Seals/Golden Seals (yes, there was plenty of rebranding) played nine seasons in Northern California before relocating to Cleveland.

Though brief in tenure, short on team success, and unfortunately mis-managed (remember, Guy LaFleur only became a Canadien because of this lopsided deal), the Seals still made an important foray into a new NHL market. Yes, things have gone better the second time around in the Bay Area.

The Sharks celebrated the Seals’ 50th anniversary in 2017 by honoring notable alumni, giving away vintage merchandise, and even bringing Krazy George back, but the team wore their regular jerseys for the game against Detroit. Let’s go one step further and put the threads on for real.

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